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The turbocharger and the supercharger are mentioned together majority of the time, but they each offer a different service to the vehicle. Turbochargers and superchargers are also called forced induction systems. Which in simple words mean, they will either compress air that is flowing inside the engine, this process adds more power to the vehicle. This process offer the vehicle a boost, which can be around 50% more than what the vehicle was receiving.  One of the main differences we can see in a supercharger and the turbocharger is seen in the power supply. A supercharger used the vehicle's crankshaft to get energy, and thus powers the engine. A supercharger is directly connected to the vehicle engine, using a belt.  Where on the other hand, a turbocharger uses the exhaust stream for energy, and that runs through a turbine that spins the compressor. The turbocharger is not connected to the engine directly, and comes with a smog altering system; that helps in lowering the carbon emission. The supercharger and the turbocharger might be used in the same line by majority of people in the auto business; but they do not offer the same services to the vehicle.