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Trailer Hitch/Tow Hook/Winch​​
A trailer hitch, tow hook, or winch is an extra product attached on the back of the vehicle using the hook hold; which is located on the middle under the rear bumper. This hook hold is placed in vehicles in case they have to be towed; but a trailer hitch and winch can also be installed on them. This trailer hitch allows you to attach a trailer behind your vehicle, and drive around easily. The trailer hitch ensures that there is safe distance between the trailer and the vehicle so they do not collide when the vehicle slows down or stops. The tow hook on the other hand is easy to use, and the hook is just placed in, and the vehicle is gently lifted up so the towing company can tow it away. A winch offer a more complete hold on the vehicle, as it is equipped with a locking hook. These are mostly seen in huge company trucks that are carrying away a lot of vehicles, or when a vehicle is being pulled out of a ditch or someplace steep after an accident. The winch offer more power and support, and come with a long heavy duty wire; which pulls on the vehicle.