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Transmission Bell Housing​
The transmission bell housing is a term used to describe that portion of the transmission, that is covering the flywheel, and the torque or clutch converter. A transmission takes the power from the engine of the vehicle and delivers it to the wheels of the vehicle. This transmission bellhousing is screwed to the engine block. The name is derived from its bell like shape, which is necessary due to the part it has to cover. The transmission bell housing comes in many different forms, and each of them are designed to offer drivers a great drive. These transmission bellhousing differs from vehicles and models, and is made using aluminum, and other noise reduction material. For more aggressive environments bell housing are also made using sg iron, cast iron, stainless steel, and other exotic materials. These transmission bell housing are the reason the vehicles offer such a smooth drive. These transmission bell housings are, actually, a huge part of any vehicle's engine, as they are required and relied upon to ensure a smooth working of any vehicle's engine.