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Window Motor​
Window motor is used in semi electric, or fully electric vehicles. As is is an electric feature, that allows the users to simply roll down or roll up a window, with the use of a button. The window motor is what the entire process is relied upon, as it is the window motors job to ensure that when the button is pressed down on, the window rolls down automatically, and when the button is pushed up, the window is rolled up automatically. This window motor is hidden behind the panel, and is separate for each window. However, the in most electric vehicles, all the windows can be rolled up and down from the driver seat, as the driver has all the controls. The driver also posses the power to place a lock on the window motors with a press of a button, so no-one else in the vehicle can roll their windows down or up. These window motors are specifically designed keeping in mind, that they need to work at a certain speed, that is just perfect for safe operation. The job might be similar, but different vehicles feature different window motors, and it all depends on the vehicle.