Window Regulator ​
A window regulator, is much like an elevator; as it bring the lift from one floor to another; similarly, the window regulator raises and lowers the windows of the vehicle. These regulators are featured in older vehicles, that do not support an electric system. These window regulators, are even seen in some electric vehicles, as the only support the electric system for the front doors. The window regulators play a huge role in ensuring that the windows of the vehicle can be rolled up or down. These window regulators feature a latch system, which the user has to roll in order to work the window. The latch can be rotated clockwise and anticlockwise, as one side takes it up, and the other brings it down. These windows cannot be locked, and cannot be controlled by the driver. These window regulators only work on the window they are installed on, and are not connected to the other windows in the vehicle. The model of the vehicle determines the kind of window regulator will be used. These window regulators are a mechanical system, and are assembled together using a few different pieces. These regulators are made using steel and metal body.



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