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Wiper Linkage​
The wiper linkage is an important part of the wiper, and ensure that the wipers are working perfectly. These wiper linkage are connected to the wiper blades, that help clean the windscreen when need be. Different vehicles offer a different kind of wiper linkage, and some of them offer a completely different style of wiper system. The wiper linkages are sometimes placed under the hood of the vehicle. The wipers are automatic and are controlled from inside the vehicle, by the driver. The difference is seen in the movement of the arm, and here are a few wiper systems that are used on most vehicles:

1) Tandem system - features two wipers, which work simultaneously. They two work side by side to clean the entire window.

2) Opposed system - is similar in nature to the tandem system, as it also uses two wiper blades. The main difference is that the wiper blades go in opposite direction, and come back together in the center.

3) Single arm - this features a single wiper blade that is longer than usual wiper blades, and it single handedly cleans the windows.

4) Driver position - this is one small wiper, that only cleans the area in front of the driver, these types are seen in smaller vintage cars.