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Used 2003 Acura NSX Engine

Option: 3.2L 6 cylinders

  • Used 2003 Acura NSX Engine
  • In Stock: Yes
  • Warranty: Up To 3 Years


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Our Used 2003 Acura NSX Engine will arrive complete minus: power steering accessories, alternator, starter, and AC components. Some engines may come with exhaust and intake manifolds, depending on the vendor who is shipping them out. Our warranty only covers the engine block and cylinder head, also known as a "long block" and no other accessories are guaranteed. Click on the GET A PRICE button to search our live inventory for the Used 2003 Acura NSX Engine you are looking for. Get live and real time information such as mileage, grade, and total cost to get your Used 2003 Acura NSX Engine delivered to you.

Used 2003 Acura NSX Engine Come With All Major Accessories When Purchased From Us:

Intake Manifold
Exhaust Manifold
Cylinder Head
Timing Cover

Before Any is removed, our technicians will do a series of tests which include:

Drive and Idle Test (30 minutes)
Compression Test (To Insure Engines Are Fine )
Fluid Color and Leak Test
Mileage Verification


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