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UsedPart.us helps individuals and automotive centers locate used parts from junk yards nationwide. We offer America's Largest Junk Yard and Used Part Database ​to help you find the right part for your vehicle. When you complete our online parts finder form, our team of automotive professionals will search our database of over 5,000 junk yards and used parts dealers to provide you with the lowest available cost for your part. One of our team members will contact you with pricing and shipping options. 


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Find junk yards and Used parts and save thousands of dollars!

By using our services,  you get the freedom to have complete control, and find the best price and warranty that best suites your needs. You have the power to source hard to find used parts because of the network that is established at UsedPart.us. You are no longer stuck searching in just one particular area anymore because our network finally gives you more options to choose from. UsedPart.us can find used parts for any makes and models on the market today!

We strive to provide excellent customer service, and the nations best 1 year standard warranty! 

We can help you locate any used part from junk yards in all 50 states.


​​​​Find Junk Yards and Used Parts in          Our Nationwide Database!​