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“Search junkyards near me that sell only quality used auto parts near me, and save thousands of dollars, only at” helps you locate junkyards near me or by my state that has my used auto part near me.  When you complete our PARTS FINDER form, our team of automotive professionals search our database of over 5,000 junkyards. They provide you with the lowest available cost for your part and provide you with a great warranty for peace of mind. We can help you find engines, transmissions, hoods, fuel pumps, truck beds, front nose assembly and tons more used auto parts for any make or model vehicles.

Don’t spend countless hours on your telephone cold calling junkyards near me. Everyone hates being told the used auto part they need is not in stock. Have you ever just wandered, “what junkyards were near me?” With our “junkyards near me” database, you will hear yes! We understand the used auto part search and processes down to a science, and have implemented various tools to help insure the process for you is a breeze. No matter the type: new, older, classic, muscle, import, or custom made from different parts from different makes and models!  We would love the opportunity to help you find the used auto part you are looking for. Go green and recycle, which will help reduce humans carbon foot print on the earth. You will also see more green in your wallet also which is a win-win.

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By using our services, you get the freedom to have complete control and find the best price and warranty that best fits your needs. Locating a junkyard in your state or a used auto or truck part with the finest quality has never been easier! You have the power to source hard to find, quality used parts through our network of junkyards throughout the United States. You are no longer stuck searching in just one area, because our network of junkyards covers all 50 states. Find junkyards by state, zip code, or area code that are close to you very easily at! We strive to provide excellent junkyard locating and used auto part sourcing, nationwide!​ All junkyards that are listed on our service are all members of the automotive recyclers association and are in great standing!

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