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First enter as much information about the used auto parts you are looking for into our junkyards near me locator. Because this will help us give you the best quote possible for any used auto parts you are looking for.


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Therefore, using the information you provided, you will get multiple offers directly on your phone or email, about your used auto parts inquiry. Finally, remember to ask these junkyards questions about the used auto parts you are interested in.


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Finally, our trusted junkyards will ship your used auto parts directly to your home or mechanic. This process can usually take 3 to 5 business days for your used auto parts to arrive. Always perform your own inspection before installing any used parts.

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There are thousands of salvage yards, junkyards auto wrecking yards and recycling centers in the USA. Trying to find one near you? You can always do your own research, which will take up precious time. You could also let do all the hard work for you. We have a nationwide junkyards near me database, which has all the information about any of the junkyards or salvage yards nearest to your location. Purchasing used auto parts form junkyards and salvage yards is a great resource for DIY mechanics, car enthusiasts, and also the average consumer.

At we strive to be the #1 source for anyone needing to locate quality used auto parts online. We work hard for you. Our junkyards near me locator is a helpful guide when you start your junk yard or used part search.


What is a junkyard?

There are a few variations to the word junkyards or junk yards. Each variation has a different definition and meaning. 

When a salvage yard gets a vehicle at the end of its road, they will remove all valuable parts from the vehicle. Any junked car has a few useful parts on it, worth taking off to sell.

Wrecking yards just crush the junked car or truck, and selling the metal wholesale to companies who refine and recycle it.

Junkyards source and resell any used auto parts to customers that came from a vehicle that was either brought, dragged, or drug into their facility. You can get amazing used auto parts for a more than fair price.


Junkyards Near Me That Sells Used Auto Parts

 Accordingly, junkyards in our network have thousands of used auto parts in stock. Therefore, is constantly adding fresh auto junkyards to our database nearest to you. Finding a reputable salvage yard should not be hard at all. Thats why at, we have streamlined the used auto part locating process. Therefore, when you are ready, please complete our used auto parts locating form.

Our nationwide junkyards network gives you the power to source used auto parts online. Therefore, you are no longer stuck searching in just one area or scrap yard, because our junkyards near me network covers all 50 states. Another great fact is can help you find: engines, transmissions, hoods, fuel pumps, truck beds, front nose assemblies from thousands of junkyards in the United States. Auto junkyards are great resources because you can sell junk cars or you can purchase used auto parts.


Locating Salvage Yards Selling Used Auto Parts

You can use multiple resources when searching for junkyards near you such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines. However, our junkyards near me network is a valuable tool for your search. We have only listed junkyards, salvage yards, and auto junkyards that are members of the ARA (automotive recyclers association) and must gave no negative activity or complaints.

Salvage Yards and junkyards nearby who sell used auto parts may be “you pull” yards where you go and remove the used parts yourself. These “you pull” junkyards are often cheaper, because you are responsible for pulling the used auto part yourself. Junkyards that are full service will pull the used parts you are needing, then you will need to go pick the parts up at their junkyard location. Because all of the hard work was done for you, sometimes the prices for these parts will be higher in comparison to a “you pull” salvage yard. You should call ahead of time to check for availability.


Locating The Used Auto Parts You Need

When visiting a “you pull” yard, you can ask for assistance in locating the vehicle which has the used auto part you are needing. You also need to take into consideration, these vehicles have been sitting for a very long time. Be prepared to take on frozen hardware or bolts, find a way to test or insure the used auto part you are purchasing is in “good condition” and therefore,  realize you sometimes can haggle with the junkyard for a cheaper price.  However, if you know what to look for, this technique can yield profit for you, or save you money. 

Now that you have your used auto part, its time to negotiate a price. Most full service yards, will not give you any types of discounts. But you also need to compare  the cost of a used auto part, to a new dealer only part. Because of the significant amount of money being saved, it will be really difficult for salvage yards to lower their prices


Junkyards Benefit The Environment

Everyone knows the benefits of recycling, and reducing waste in this country. Hundreds of vehicles are scrapped for cash everyday, due to its age, involvements in accidents, and natural disasters. This high number of cars and trucks sitting around is a pollution hazard to our planet. However junked cars hold value for their metal and spare parts that can be recycled.

The only possible way to turn these heaps of trash into any value is a auto junkyard. The salvage yards immediately get to work having team members start tearing the vehicles down. Removing any valuable parts, hardware, or electronics. These items are inspected carefully, and then entered into our junkyards near me database to be sold to consumers like you.

The last part of the process is recycling the metal from the junk cars. This also will cut down pollution and waste, because the more recycled metal keeps workers from mining earths rare earth-metals. The mining alone puts hazardous fumes into our atmosphere, causing life long health problems. 

99% of all metal in vehicles are recycled. This saves space in our landfills, and puts more green into our pockets as a result.