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Are you fed up with old scrap metal, used cars, and broken appliances taking up space? Imagine turning that clutter into cash. Start by finding the best scrap yards close by. You’ll see the value hidden in those unwanted items.

scrap yards near me

Denver Scrap Metal in Denver, CO, is your top choice for recycling services at great prices. They have two locations perfect for changing your scrap metal, used cars, and old electronics into money. No matter if you have industrial scrap, heavy equipment, or any vehicle, Denver Scrap Metal can handle it. They offer various services, including purchasing cars, recycling scrap metal, and providing rolloff containers with transport.

And there’s something else you should know. Recycling scrap metal at Denver Scrap Metal is good for the earth. It lowers carbon dioxide emissions and saves precious natural resources. Choosing to recycle at Denver Scrap Metal is not just good for your wallet. It also helps the planet.

Ready to clean up, earn some money, and help the environment too?

Key Takeaways:

  • Denver Scrap Metal offers specialized recycling services with competitive market prices.
  • They buy scrap metal, used cars, electronics, and appliances.
  • Their services include buying cars, scrap metal recycling, and rolloff containers and transport.
  • Scrap metal recycling has significant environmental benefits, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving natural resources.
  • Denver Scrap Metal is your one-stop solution for all your recycling needs.

Turn Your Junk into Cash with Denver Scrap Metal

Are you tired of unwanted junk filling your home or garage? Let Denver Scrap Metal help you turn that junk into cash! We offer a simple process to dispose of your items and earn some extra money.

Denver Scrap Metal buys various non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, and brass. No matter if it’s scrap from a renovation or old appliances, we’ll offer you a fair price. Our team evaluates your scrap metal’s value based on weight and market prices to ensure you get the best payout.

We also specialize in safe data destruction for electronic scrap. Bring your old computers or cell phones to us. We’ll destroy your data securely before recycling the parts.

For your convenience, we have a special door for non-ferrous items at our Washington property. Just bring your scrap, and our staff will help you with everything. We’re open every day and have extended hours to fit your schedule. For any help or questions, call us at 3032971818.

We understand tow vendors often have a lot of scrap metal. Thus, we offer special rates for bulk loads from the towing sector. If you’re in towing and want a trustworthy partner, we provide competitive rates and top-notch service.

Make money from your junk today with Denver Scrap Metal. We promise a hassle-free experience, competitive rates, and great customer service. Clean up your space, help the planet, and earn extra cash. Visit us or call to start turning your junk into cash.

Convenient Rolloff Containers and Transport Services

Denver Scrap Metal makes handling your scrap easy. They offer everything you need with their wide range of options. Their scrap yard is in a great spot and they have efficient rolloff containers and ways to transport your materials. They’ve got you covered.

Scrap Yard Location

Located right in Denver, CO, Denver Scrap Metal is easy to find with its two locations. No matter where you’re at in the area, you can get to them easily. They’re ready to handle all types of materials, making recycling smooth for you.

Rolloff Containers

For more convenience, they offer different sizes of rolloff containers. It doesn’t matter if your project is big or small. They have the perfect container for you. These rolloff containers are clean and make dropping off and picking up simple.

Transportation Options

Denver Scrap Metal has eco-friendly transportation for your metal recycling. They make sure your materials are responsibly taken care of. Whether it’s one load or many, their team handles it with skill and professionalism.

Denver Scrap Metal ensures your scrap is managed easily. They have convenient locations, various container sizes, and transport services. Reach out to them for more on their services.

Environmental Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is key to protecting our planet. It greatly cuts down carbon dioxide emissions, by a whopping 410 million tons yearly. This massive reduction beats the number linked to making steel from iron ore.

Recycling just one ton of steel saves a ton of resources. It keeps 2,500 pounds of iron and 1,400 pounds of coal from being used. This means a lot of saved energy and resources.

Scrap metal recycling also keeps our surroundings safer. Thrown away metal can harm people and animals. By recycling, we avoid these dangers and manage materials responsibly.

Denver Scrap Metal is on the front lines of this green effort. They run a recycling center that takes all types of metal. This ensures metals are handled right, cutting environmental harm. Their knowledge in sustainability adds to a healthier world.

Be part of this green mission with Denver Scrap Metal. Recycling your metal at their yard fights climate change. It also supports a sustainable earth for all.

scrap metal recycling center

Environmental Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling:

Benefit Details
Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions Globally, recycling scrap metal reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 410 million tons per year.
Conserves Natural Resources Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron and 1,400 pounds of coal.
Prevents Environmental Hazards Recycling scrap metal prevents potential harm to the environment and protects people and animals.

Reviews of Denver Scrap Metal

Denver Scrap Metal is well-loved by its customers, earning top reviews and ratings. They are known as one of the best scrap yards in Denver. This is thanks to their excellent service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Customers value Denver Scrap Metal for its reliability and honesty. They offer fair prices for scrap metal, ensuring every deal is transparent.

Excellent Customer Service

The company is known for its outstanding customer service. Their friendly, expert team is always ready to help and answer questions.

Best Pricing in the Denver Area

Denver Scrap Metal is praised for its competitive rates. They work hard to give customers the best value for their scrap metals.

A One-Stop Shop

Denver Scrap Metal serves all your metal recycling needs in one place. It’s great for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Customers love the convenience of using Denver Scrap Metal for all their recycling.

Overall, the experience with Denver Scrap Metal is highly positive. People love their reliability, fairness, and excellent customer service. They are among the top metal scrap yards in the area, confirmed by glowing reviews.

Customer Reviews Ratings

Review Rating
“Denver Scrap Metal is the best!” – John 5 stars
“Great service and pricing!” – Sarah 5 stars
“Reliable and trustworthy scrap yard.” – Mike 5 stars
“Denver Scrap Metal is my go-to for metal recycling.” – Lisa 5 stars
“The team at Denver Scrap Metal is always friendly and helpful.” – Alex 4.5 stars

Contact Information for Denver Scrap Metal

If you want to contact Denver Scrap Metal, there are several ways to do so. You can call them at their parts counter by dialing 800-646-4790. Their team is ready to help you, and they’re open at times that might work for you:

  • Monday – Saturday: 8:00am – 6:30pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Denver Scrap Metal is located at two places for your ease:

  1. 4920 Washington St, Denver, CO 80216
  2. 5101 York St, Denver CO, 80216

For questions or to ask about prices for used auto parts, you can also email them at the phone number: 800-646-4790. They aim to reply quickly and with useful information. To learn more about what they offer, check out their website.

Certified Professionals at Other Scrap Yards

Denver Scrap Metal is a good choice, but Centennial, CO has other scrap yards too. These places have been around for a long time. They have certified teams known for their excellent service and knowledge.

People like these scrap yards because they work fast and offer good deals. They have become well-respected in the field by being reliable and easy to work with.

They not only take in metal, electronics, and cars, but they are also skilled in big projects. This ensures a smooth process for everyone involved.

But that’s not all they do. These scrap yards also offer secret destruction services and recycle plastics and glass. This helps keep our planet greener.

Why Choose Certified Scrap Yards?

Choosing certified scrap yards comes with many benefits.

  • Expertise: Certified pros know a lot about different materials. They make sure everything is sorted, recycled, and thrown away properly.
  • Environmental Responsibility: These scrap yards care about the planet. They follow strict rules to lessen their environmental impact.
  • Quality Service: These pros put their customers first. They aim to provide fast and high-quality service.
  • Industry Recognition: Being certified means they’re recognized for their excellence. It shows they stick to the best practices in their industry.

Going for certified scrap yards in Centennial, CO means choosing a dependable and green method for managing your recycling and waste.

Benefits of Certified Professionals at Other Scrap Yards
Environmental Responsibility
Quality Service
Industry Recognition

Certified Scrap Yard

Recycle Your Car and Find Parts at LKQ Pick Your Part

Looking to sell your car? Check out LKQ Pick Your Part in Aurora, CO. They’re top buyers of old cars, offering great money. It doesn’t matter if your car is running or just junk in your yard; they’re interested.

They don’t just buy cars; they also offer free car removal. This makes getting rid of an unwanted car easy and hassle-free for you. They handle everything, so you don’t have to worry.

LKQ Pick Your Part isn’t just for selling cars. They have a huge selection of used auto parts. You can easily find what you need for your car. They even have a way to search for parts that will fit your car perfectly. And all their parts come with a 90-Day Worry-Free Guarantee.

If you want to sell your car or find parts, LKQ Pick Your Part is your best choice. Call them at 1-800-962-2277 to get a car quote or to see job opportunities.

Benefits of LKQ Pick Your Part
Highly competitive prices for buying old cars
Free car removal services
Wide selection of used auto parts
Parts interchange feature for compatibility
90-Day Worry-Free Guarantee on all parts

Start Your Career at LKQ Pick Your Part

Looking for a career in the automotive salvage field? Look no further than LKQ Pick Your Part. We offer great career chances for those who are passionate and ready for challenges. We focus on employee growth within our company network.

Joining us means you can achieve your personal and professional dreams. We respect our employees and provide a supportive work environment. Here, your hard work helps our customers get their vehicles back on the road.

Discover Your Perfect Career Opportunity

At LKQ Pick Your Part, we have job openings in many areas. You might like customer service, sales, managing inventory, or working in operations. Check out our job listings to find the right opportunity for you.

Working here means joining a team that strives for excellence. We support each other and offer training to help you succeed. Start a fulfilling career with us in the automotive salvage industry.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the LKQ Pick Your Part family. Start looking at our job listings now. We’re excited to have you join us!

Frequently Asked Questions About LKQ Pick Your Part

junk car removal, auto parts interchange

LKQ Pick Your Part answers common questions people have. Their salvage yards run efficiently. They have a wide range of quality parts and good warranty policies. They also help you find the right parts for your car.

They offer a great service for junk car removal too. If you have a junk car taking up space, they’ll buy it and remove it at no cost. LKQ Pick Your Part pays a fair price for your car, no matter its condition.

junk car removal, auto parts interchange

The FAQ section on their website has lots of useful info. It covers many topics about their services. This helps customers make well-informed choices.

If you need more info or have questions, LKQ Pick Your Part is there to help. Their staff is friendly and knows a lot. They offer advice that best suits your needs.

LKQ Pick Your Part is dedicated to helping you easily find auto parts and get rid of junk cars. They make everything simple and easy for their customers.


Finding top scrap yards near you is easy with the quick locator tool. Denver Scrap Metal and LKQ Pick Your Part offer many services. They buy scrap metal, recycle, and sell used auto parts.

These yards help the planet by lowering CO2 emissions and saving natural resources.

Got unwanted junk cars or scrap metal? You can now turn them into cash with these scrap yards. Start your eco-friendly journey today by recycling. Denver Scrap Metal and LKQ Pick Your Part offer reliable services and good prices. They make it easy and profitable for you.

Looking to sell scrap metal or find used auto parts? These yards can help you. Make the green choice and explore what your scrap can do. Denver Scrap Metal and LKQ Pick Your Part can help start your greener future.


Where can I find top scrap yards near me?

The quick locator tool helps you find good scrap yards nearby. Denver Scrap Metal and LKQ Pick Your Part are great options. They buy scrap metal, recycle it, and sell used car parts.

How can I turn my junk into cash?

Denver Scrap Metal will buy your junk. They take various non-ferrous metals and more. Call them for prices.

Do Denver Scrap Metal offer rolloff containers and transport services?

Yes, Denver Scrap Metal has rolloff containers and transport services. They make it easy with container drop-off and pickup for businesses. They’ve got different container sizes for you. Call to learn more.

What are the environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling?

Recycling scrap metal helps the planet a lot. It cuts down CO2 emissions by about 410 million tons annually. It saves iron ore, cutting the need for it. Recycling a ton of steel saves lots of iron and coal. It also stops environmental problems.

What do customers say about Denver Scrap Metal?

People trust Denver Scrap Metal for their good service and prices. They’re known for being quick and friendly. People say it’s the go-to place for different metals.

How can I contact Denver Scrap Metal?

Call Denver Scrap Metal at 800-646-4790 or email them. They’re located at 4920 Washington St and 5101 York St in Denver, CO.

Are there other reputable scrap yards in Centennial, CO?

Centennial, CO, has other good scrap yards too. These places are known for being efficient and giving great value. They take various materials and offer extra services.

Can I sell my old car to LKQ Pick Your Part?

LKQ Pick Your Part in Aurora, CO, buys old cars for good money. It doesn’t matter if your car works or not. They’ll even remove the car for free.

Does LKQ Pick Your Part have career opportunities?

LKQ Pick Your Part is hiring in the auto salvage field. They want people who are passionate and look forward to challenges. They focus on helping employees grow. Check their job listings for chances to join.

Does LKQ Pick Your Part have a frequently asked questions section?

LKQ Pick Your Part answers FAQs on their website. They cover how their yards work, parts they sell, and more. They also explain their junk car removal service.

Where can I find the top scrap yards near me?

Use the quick locator tool to find leading scrap yards like Denver Scrap Metal and LKQ Pick Your Part. They offer several services, from buying scrap to selling car parts. Begin your eco-friendly journey by turning clutter into cash.