Find Your Local Scrap Yard Near Me Now


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Do you have old metal junk taking up too much space? Don’t just leave it there! Local scrap yards near you let you recycle metal scrap for money. But do you know where to find them?

It doesn’t matter if it’s an old BBQ grill, tree stumps, or heavy steel. Local scrap yards take different materials for recycling. They offer services like junk removal, hauling, and demolition. This makes it easy for you to get rid of scrap metal the right way. By finding your local scrap yard, you clear out your space and help our planet too.

scrap yard near me

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding a local scrap yard near you is an excellent way to recycle your metal junk and earn some extra cash.
  • Popular local scrap yards include Klein Recycling, Mazza Recycling Services, Rockaway Recycling, M & A Recycling, Mazza Scrap Recycling, and Christensen Recycling.
  • Recycling at a scrap yard helps reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Common materials accepted for recycling at scrap yards include copper, aluminum, brass, steel, iron, and stainless steel.
  • When looking for the best scrap yard near you, consider factors such as prices, reputation, and customer service.

Benefits of Recycling at a Scrap Yard Near Me

Recycling scrap metal locally has huge perks. Firstly, it lessens trash that ends up in landfills, helping the earth. By keeping metal scraps out of landfills, you make the planet cleaner and safer.

Also, recycling scrap metal saves precious natural resources. Creating new metal from raw materials needs lots of energy and can harm the air. Recycling means we don’t have to make as much new metal, saving energy and cutting pollution.

Going to a salvage yard nearby has benefits too. It means less pollution from travel and a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, it’s easier to take your scrap metal to a place that’s close by, making recycling simpler.

Moreover, you can get paid for recycling at a local scrap yard. These yards often pay well for different types of scrap metal. So, you can make some money from things you don’t need anymore.

Environmental Sustainability

Recycling scrap metal is good for our planet. It cuts down on waste and reduces the need to gather new materials. By recycling close to home, you help ensure a healthier future for everyone.

A responsible choice: Recycling scrap metal reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

What Can I Recycle at a Scrap Yard Near Me?

A scrap yard near you is great for recycling and making money from unwanted metal items. These places accept a wide range of metals. This helps in creating a better future and gives you extra cash.

You can recycle metals like:

  • copper
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • steel
  • iron
  • stainless steel

Recycling metals cuts down the need for new metals. It stops them from polluting the landfills. This step is key in saving resources and reducing carbon emissions.

Some scrap yards also take electronics, appliances, and car parts. These items have metals that can be recycled. This supports a circular economy.

metal scrap recycling center

If unsure about what can be recycled, contact the recycling center. They can tell you what they accept and their recycling rules.

Benefits of Recycling at a Metal Scrap Recycling Center

Recycling at these centers is good for many reasons. By recycling, you:

  • Save natural resources by reducing new metal production.
  • Lessen energy use and the emissions from mining and making new metals.
  • Stop metals from harming the environment in landfills.
  • Help in making new products from recycled metals.

By recycling your metals, you help in making a sustainable economy.

Accepted Materials Benefits
Copper Highly recyclable and valuable metal used in various applications
Aluminum Lightweight, durable, and widely used in packaging and construction
Brass Alloy of copper and zinc, commonly found in plumbing fixtures and musical instruments
Steel Strong and versatile metal used in construction, automobiles, and appliances
Iron Found in appliances, furniture, and structural components
Stainless Steel Resistant to corrosion, commonly used in kitchen utensils and equipment
Electronics Recycling electronics prevents hazardous materials from entering the environment
Appliances Recycling appliances helps recover valuable metals and reduces waste
Automotive Parts Recycling automotive parts reduces the need for new metal production

Recycling at a local scrap yard helps the environment and community. The recycled materials support industries around you.

Next, we’ll look at how to find the best scrap yard for recycling your metals.

Finding the Best Scrap Yard Near Me

Looking for the top scrap yard nearby involves a few considerations. Think about pricing first. Scrap yards may have different prices for various metals. It’s wise to research and compare to get the best deal.

The reputation of the scrap yard is also critical. Reviews from past customers can show how reliable and professional they are. Good feedback, especially about customer service, is a plus.

Online resources can help simplify your search. The iScrap App lists local scrap yards, their prices, and market trends. This is a helpful tool in your quest for the best place.

Benefits of Choosing Auto Wreckers Nearby

When searching for a scrap yard, consider auto wreckers. They focus on recycling automotive parts and vehicles. By picking an auto wrecker, you’re choosing experts in automotive recycling.

Auto wreckers have deep knowledge about various automotive materials. They use specialized equipment to manage bigger automotive parts.

Also, opting for a nearby auto wrecker saves you time. If you’re recycling a vehicle or parts, a local choice makes everything more straightforward.

Scrap Yard Location Customer Reviews
Klein Recycling 123 Main Street 4.5/5
Mazza Recycling Services 456 Elm Street 4/5
Rockaway Recycling 789 Oak Street 4.2/5
M & A Recycling 987 Maple Avenue 4.7/5
Mazza Scrap Recycling 654 Pine Road 4.3/5
Christensen Recycling 321 Cedar Lane 4.4/5

The table above shows many reputable scrap yards. When choosing, consider their locations, reviews, and accepted materials. Remember, quality and convenience are key in your choice.

Selling Scrap Metal at a Scrap Yard Near Me

Selling scrap metal near you is simple. It lets you clean out and earn some extra cash. Whether it’s old appliances, car parts, or other items, a scrap yard can turn your scrap into money.

To sell scrap metal smoothly and for more money, start by gathering and cleaning it. Cleaning off non-metal bits means better prices at the yard.

Next, find a local scrap yard. You can look online or ask others for suggestions. Contact them to learn about their buying process.

Some yards require dropping off the metal directly. Ask about their hours and requirements for drop-offs. Others might pick up big or heavy items, which is convenient.

At the yard, they’ll check your metal’s weight and type, then offer you a price. You can accept or try to get a better deal, based on metal prices.

If you accept the offer, you’ll be paid right away. Payments are usually in cash. Some yards also use checks or bank transfers. The amount you get depends on the metal quality and market.

By selling scrap, you clear clutter, earn money, and help recycle. It saves resources too. So, start gathering your scrap, find a yard, and turn that unwanted items into cash!

Benefits of Selling Scrap Metal at a Scrap Yard Near Me

Selling scrap has many benefits beyond just money and decluttering.

  • Environmental Impact: It saves resources by reducing the need for new metal.
  • Landfill Avoidance: It keeps metal out of landfills, cutting waste and pollution.
  • Convenient Disposal: Yards often offer services like junk removal, easing disposal.
  • Supporting the Economy: The industry supports local economies and creates jobs.

Contacting a Scrap Yard Near Me

Finding a scrap yard nearby is easy with the right info. Most yards offer several ways to contact them. You can call or email to ask about what they accept or pricing.

Calling their parts counter is the fastest way to learn what you need. Just phone a scrap yard at 800-646-4790. Their staff will help you with any questions, including prices and recycling your scrap.

Preferring to write? Emailing is also a great way to reach out. Send a message to ****. Ask about their services or prices, and they’ll quickly get back to you.

Contacting a nearby scrap yard is simple. Whether by phone or email, their experts will give you all the info you need. This makes deciding on recycling your metal easy.

Contact Method Contact Details
Phone Call the parts counter at 800-646-4790
Email Email for pricing and inquiries

Scrap Yard Prices and Market Trends

Knowing the current scrap metal prices and market trends is key to making good money. By understanding the worth of various metals, you can get the most for what you sell. The scrap metal market changes often, influenced by demand, global economics, and material availability.

The iScrap App is a great tool for monitoring scrap metal prices. It gives you the latest prices nationwide. This way, you know if it’s the best time to sell or if waiting could bring better returns.

Also, the iScrap App lets you share local scrap prices. This builds a helpful community among scrappers. By sharing what you’re paid at local yards, you help everyone get fair deals.

Prices at scrap yards can differ based on location. Some areas might pay more for certain metals due to higher demand or different economic situations.

Below, we’ve listed some average prices for commonly scrapped metals:

Metal Average Price per Pound ($)
Copper **2.70**
Aluminum **0.80**
Brass **1.50**
Steel **0.05**

Remember, these are average prices that change often. Always use the iScrap App or check with your local yard for up-to-date prices.

market trends

Understanding Market Trends

It’s crucial to know the market trends affecting scrap metal prices. Global economies, trade policies, and demands for metal-containing products play big roles. These factors can shift metal prices.

For instance, more construction projects can raise steel and copper prices. But, a drop in manufacturing might lower them. Keeping up with these trends helps you decide the best time to sell.

To stay informed, use tools like the iScrap App. It offers news and updates on the scrap metal industry. Staying informed helps you spot trends and make smart selling choices.

Remember, scrap yard prices can vary. It’s wise to shop around. Look at prices, location, customer service, and reliability before selling your scrap.

Scrap Yards in Your Area

Are you searching for a scrap yard close to you? iScrap App is a great place to start. It lists local scrap yards with contact info and customer reviews. This helps you pick the best spot for your needs.

You can also do a quick search online. Just type “scrap yard” or “junkyard nearby” into Google. You’ll get a list of places near you, including their websites and how to reach them.

Think about how close the scrap yard is to you. The nearest one may not offer the best deals for your scrap. Sometimes, it’s worth going a bit farther to get better prices and service.

After finding some scrap yards, research each one. Look at what other customers say about them. You can also call them to ask about prices, what materials they take, and any other concerns you might have.

Local Scrap Yards

Here are some scrap yards you might find near you:

Scrap Yard Location Contact
Klein Recycling 123 Main St, Anytown Phone: 555-1234
Mazza Recycling Services 456 Elm St, Othertown Phone: 555-5678
Rockaway Recycling 789 Oak St, Anothercity Phone: 555-9012

When picking a scrap yard, think about the prices, their reputation, and how they treat customers. Good research helps you have a smooth experience when you sell your scrap.


Finding a good scrap yard near you is very important. It helps you recycle, earn extra money, and reduce waste. Recycling metals like copper and aluminum saves precious resources and helps the earth.

Choosing the right scrap yard depends on their prices, how well they are known, and how they treat their customers.

If you have scrap metal, local yards are ready to take them off your hands. They are key in keeping our planet greener for the future. By finding the nearest scrap yard, you start to recycle and help the environment.

Don’t just throw away your scrap metal. Recycle it at a scrap yard you trust. This way, you’ll get some extra cash and help make our world sustainable. We all play a part in this effort!


Where can I find a scrap yard near me?

Use online tools like the iScrap App or a simple web search to find local scrap yards.

What are the benefits of recycling at a scrap yard near me?

Recycling reduces landfill waste, supports environmental sustainability, and conserves resources. It’s an eco-friendly choice.

What can I recycle at a scrap yard near me?

Scrap yards accept many materials, including copper, aluminum, and steel. Electronics, appliances, and car parts can also be recycled.

How can I find the best scrap yard near me?

Look for a scrap yard with good prices, a strong reputation, and excellent customer service. Reviews can guide you.

How do I sell scrap metal at a scrap yard near me?

Collect and clean your scrap for the best price. Contact the yard to learn their process. Then, take your metal in or arrange pickup.

How do I contact a scrap yard near me?

Scrap yards list their contact details online. You can call or email them with your questions about materials, prices, or other inquiries.

How do I stay updated on scrap yard prices and market trends?

Use the iScrap App for national scrap prices and trends. Sharing local prices there helps everyone stay informed.

How can I find scrap yards in my area?

Find area scrap yards with online directories like the iScrap App or a quick internet search. This offers yard details and sometimes reviews.

Why should I recycle my scrap metal at a scrap yard near me?

Recycling scrap metal locally benefits the environment, saves resources, and earns you money. It’s also an act of eco-consciousness.