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Are you tired of clutter in your garage? Or maybe you have lots of scrap metal waiting to be cashed in. Finding your nearest scrap yard is the key to cleaning up and making money. But there are hidden treasures in scrap metal recycling locally. It’s time to find these treasures and make the most of your scrap metal.

Looking at places like Klein Recycling and Rockaway Recycling, your options are many. They offer recycling and easy disposal. Say goodbye to unwanted items like old fridges or rusty pipes. Are you ready to explore scrap metal recycling in your area? Let’s find the nearest scrap yard together!

nearest scrap yard

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the hidden gems of scrap metal recycling in your local area.
  • Unleash the true potential of your scrap metal and earn some extra money.
  • Say goodbye to clutter in your garage by finding the nearest scrap yard.
  • Explore the convenient disposal options offered by local scrap yards.
  • Uncover the unexplored world of scrap metal recycling in your community.

Klein Recycling

Klein Recycling is your go-to scrap yard. It’s a recycling center committed to responsible scrap disposal. You can easily drop off your recyclables, helping the environment.

Here, they take various kinds of scrap metal. This makes it a good choice for your recycling needs. The staff are friendly and know a lot, ensuring you have a great experience.

Klein Recycling stands out because they focus on being green and efficient. They work hard to use materials again and minimize waste. This lowers the recycling process’s impact on the environment.

Convenient Location and Hours

The recycling center is right in the city’s center. This makes it easy for everyone to get there. You can bring in anything from a tiny bag of cans to lots of scrap metal.

They’re open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Klein Recycling knows your time matters. They aim to be quick and efficient, letting you return to your day fast.

Why Choose Klein Recycling?

  • Reliable and reputable scrap yard
  • Accepts various types of scrap metal
  • Excellent customer service
  • Efficient and eco-friendly practices
  • Convenient location and hours

Choosing Klein Recycling means your scrap metal gets recycled right. It also means you’re helping save important resources. By picking them, you’re making a positive environmental impact and supporting a local business.

Mazza Recycling Services

If you’re searching for a top-notch recycling center, Mazza Recycling Services is your answer. They stand out by offering numerous services for all recycling needs. Their commitment to being green and making recycling easy for customers makes them unique.

Local Scrap Metal Recycling

Mazza Recycling Services knows how vital scrap metal recycling is. They provide an easy location for dropping off scrap metal. This way, you help the planet and our community’s economy by recycling your scrap.

Recycling Center

Mazza isn’t just any scrap yard. It’s a comprehensive recycling center accepting many materials. This means you can bring everything from paper and plastic to electronics, knowing they’ll handle it right.

Dumpster Rental

Mazza Recycling Services also offers dumpster rental. It’s perfect for home remodels, garage cleanouts, or construction projects. They ensure quick delivery and pickup, making waste management easy and helping keep our community clean.

Mazza Recycling Services prides itself on excellent service, sustainability, and customer convenience. They’re the go-to place for recycling scrap metal or renting a dumpster for your project. Mazza is here to meet your recycling demands.

Services Features
Scrap Metal Recycling – Convenient drop-off location
– Efficient processing
– Supports local economy
Full-Service Recycling – Accepts a wide range of materials
– Proper processing to minimize environmental impact
Dumpster Rental – Prompt delivery and pickup
– Various sizes available
– Convenient waste management

Rockaway Recycling

Looking for a good scrap yard for local scrap metal recycling? Check out Rockaway Recycling. They offer efficient recycling services and are a top choice for many.

Rockaway Recycling focuses on scrap metal recycling. They make sure your materials get recycled and used again. Their advanced recycling center uses the latest technology for different scrap metals.

Rockaway Recycling also offers extra help. They provide junk removal and hauling services. This helps you get rid of old appliances, construction debris, and more with ease.

Customer-Focused Approach

Rockaway Recycling really cares about their customers. They aim for your happiness and try to make your experience smooth. Their team is friendly and ready to help with your questions.

They are also clear about their prices. They give you good rates for your scrap metal. This ensures you’re getting a fair deal.

Choosing Rockaway Recycling means you’re helping the environment. They recycle carefully to lessen their impact on the earth. This helps in reducing waste and saving resources.

junk removal & hauling

Rockaway Recycling stands out for its care for the environment and wide range of services. Try their excellent service and help our planet at the same time.

Services Benefits
Scrap Metal Recycling – Ensure proper disposal of your scrap metal
– Reduce waste and conserve resources
– Competitive pricing for your materials
Junk Removal & Hauling – Convenient solution for clearing out unwanted items
– Professional and reliable service
– Proper disposal of junk
Customer-Focused Approach – Friendly and knowledgeable team
– Transparent pricing
– Superior customer satisfaction
Commitment to Sustainability – Environmentally responsible recycling practices
– Minimize the impact on the planet
– Contribute to a more sustainable future

H&C Metals

H&C Metals is the place to go for all your recycling needs. We offer great services and fair prices. Our location is perfect to help you remove junk and recycle easily.

Junk Removal & Hauling

We know how important it is to get rid of unwanted stuff easily. Our junk removal services help you clean up your space. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, no matter if it’s old appliances or furniture.

A Reliable Recycling Center

We’re known for being a top-notch recycling center for different scrap metals. Our team knows how to recycle materials the right way. By choosing us, you help the environment.

You’ll get good prices for your scrap metal and top-quality service at H&C Metals. We’re all about making our customers happy. We’re here for homeowners, contractors, and business owners looking to recycle.

We want to help build a greener future with you. Pick H&C Metals for your recycling needs. Get in touch to learn more about our services for junk removal, hauling, and recycling.

Mazza Scrap Recycling

Need an easy-to-reach scrap yard? Mazza Scrap Recycling is your place. They accept many recyclables, like scrap metal. They aim to give you good prices for your materials, maximizing what you get from recycling.

Mazza Scrap Recycling stands out by focusing on the planet. They handle your recyclables in a way that’s good for the earth. By picking them, you help make the future brighter.

Junk Removal & Hauling Services

They do more than just recycle. They also help with junk removal and hauling. Got old appliances or furniture you want gone? Mazza Scrap Recycling is there to help. They make cleaning out your space simple and responsible.

Choosing Mazza means getting great service. Their team is all about making you happy. They want recycling and junk removal to be easy for you. Rely on them for all your recycling and junk disposal needs.

Convenient Location

Mazza Scrap Recycling is easy to get to. Their spot is perfect for both people and businesses needing their services. You don’t have to go far to recycle or remove junk.

Go to Mazza Scrap Recycling for scrap yard, junk removal, and recycling needs. Enjoy their good service, prices, and green focus. Help the environment and get value back from your recyclables.

Plainfield Metal Recycling

Plainfield Metal Recycling is a trusted scrap yard in Plainfield. It is known for reliability and customer satisfaction. They offer great recycling services for different scrap metals. You can count on them for efficient and responsible recycling.

Currently, Plainfield Metal Recycling is temporarily closed. But, they are working hard to reopen soon to serve the community. They are committed to the best recycling practices and caring for the environment.

Once they reopen, expect a smooth experience. Their staff will help you with the recycling process. They take all kinds of scrap metal, like old appliances and car parts.

What Sets Plainfield Metal Recycling Apart?

Plainfield Metal Recycling is unique because of their focus on customer happiness. They offer a reliable and convenient recycling solution. Their practices are eco-friendly and aim for sustainability.

They also value honest pricing. When you take your scrap metal to them, they give you a fair market price. Their aim is to treat you right for your recycling efforts.

Join the Recycling Movement with Plainfield Metal Recycling

Choosing Plainfield Metal Recycling means helping the environment and supporting a local business. Recycling scrap metal saves natural resources and lessens the need for new materials. This is good for our community and the planet.

When they open again, be sure to visit. Experience their top-notch recycling services. Together, we can help the environment and create a better future.

Scrap Prices & Local Scrap Yards in United States & Canada – iScrap App

The iScrap App is great for finding local scrap yards and current scrap prices. It has a big list of scrap yards, making it easy to find one close to you. If you need to sell scrap or recycle things, the iScrap App helps you do just that.


The iScrap App shows real-time scrap prices quickly. By using it, you can see updated prices for copper, aluminum, or steel. This helps you know the market and make smart choices when selling scrap metal.

Material Price per Pound
Copper $3.50
Aluminum $0.75
Steel $0.30


With iScrap App, finding a scrap yard is easy, wherever you are. Just put in your location or turn on location services. You’ll get a list of nearby scrap yards, plus how to contact them and find your way there.


The app also tells you about scrap metal buyers nearby. This is good if you have lots of scrap to sell and want options. It gives you contact info and reviews, so you can choose the best buyer for your scrap.


And it’s not just for scrap metal; iScrap App points you to recycling centers too. This makes it easier to recycle different materials and help the environment. From plastics to electronics, it helps you find the right place to take your recyclables.

The iScrap App works in both the United States and Canada. It’s a handy tool for dealing with scrap and recycling. With its easy use and big database, it helps you get the most while being eco-friendly.

Recycling Electric Motors Safely: Your Complete Guide with iScrap App

Recycling electric motors helps manage waste responsibly. These motors have materials that can be reused. This reduces the demand for new resources and lessens environmental harm. Yet, it’s vital to recycle electric motors safely. Doing so avoids risks and improves the recycling effort.

The iScrap App: Your Recycling Companion

The iScrap App is a must-have for recycling electric motors and more. It helps you locate the closest recycling center. Plus, it offers detailed recycling guides. With the iScrap App, recycling is easy, efficient, and green.

Safely Disposing of Electric Motors

To recycle electric motors safely, you need to handle and dispose of them correctly. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Disconnect the motor from any power source.
  2. Remove any attached components, such as wires or brackets, to ensure accurate recycling.
  3. Identify the specific recycling requirements for electric motors in your area. Check with your local recycling center for guidelines.
  4. Transport the electric motor to the nearest recycling center. Use the iScrap App to find a recycling center nearby.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the recycling center to properly dispose of the electric motor.

Finding a Scrap Yard Open Now

Looking for an open scrap yard? The iScrap App can help. It lets you search for scrap yards by their operation status. Just open the app, enter your location, and find a scrap yard ready to take your electric motors.

Maximize Your Recycling Efforts with iScrap App

The iScrap App is an excellent ally for recycling electric motors and more. Its easy interface and wealth of resources help make a positive environmental impact. You also get rewards for your recycling work. Download the iScrap App now to start recycling the right way.

Benefits of Recycling Electric Motors with iScrap App
Efficient and convenient access to recycling centers
Detailed guides on safely recycling electric motors
Real-time information on open scrap yards
Earn rewards for recycling efforts

Maximizing Your Scrap Metal Earnings

Finding the right scrap yard is crucial for making the most of your scrap metal. You should look for a reputable yard that gives good prices and convenient services. Doing so ensures you get more money from your scrap metal.

1. Research Local Scrap Yards

Begin by searching for nearby scrap yards. Find ones that pay well for various metals. Consider their location, reputation, and customer feedback before deciding.

2. Compare Scrap Yard Prices

Don’t just settle on the first scrap yard you find. Instead, compare the pricing of different yards for your materials. Aim for yards that are open about their prices and pay well for your scrap metal. This research helps you secure the best deal, boosting your earnings.

3. Utilize a Junk Car Removal Service

If you have an old car, think about using a junk car removal service. These services are eco-friendly and pay you for your vehicle. Convert your old car into cash to increase your scrap metal profits.

best scrap yard prices

4. Optimize Your Scrap Collection and Sorting

To earn more, improve how you collect and sort your scrap. Separate metals and materials to get top prices for each. Clean your scrap metal to raise its value before selling. Small steps like these can significantly boost your income.

5. Stay Updated on Market Prices

Watch the market prices for scrap metal to decide when to sell. Prices change often, so being informed helps you choose the best time to sell. Take advantage of high prices to earn more from your scrap metal.

Scrap Yard Name Location Services Best Scrap Yard Prices
Klein Recycling 123 Main St, City Scrap metal recycling Yes
Mazza Recycling Services 456 Elm St, City Scrap metal recycling, dumpster rental Yes
Rockaway Recycling 789 Oak St, City Scrap metal recycling, junk removal & hauling Yes
H&C Metals 101 Maple St, City Scrap metal recycling, junk removal & hauling Yes

Implement these strategies and use available resources to maximize your scrap metal profits. Remember to pick a reputable scrap yard for the best prices for your materials. Using a junk car removal service can turn your old car into money. With effort and smart choices, your scrap metal can become a significant income source.

5 Sure Fire Ways To Increase Profit on Scrap Metal

When dealing with scrap metal recycling, your goal is to boost your profit. Employ the right strategies to enhance your earnings significantly. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Research and compare prices: Finding the best scrap yard prices involves research. Explore different yards and see who pays more for your materials. This ensures you get the most money for your scrap.
  2. Take advantage of scrap yards open now: Selling at the right time can help too. Yards open now might offer better prices due to high demand. Keep track of when they’re open and sell when prices peak.
  3. Sort and separate your materials: Sorting your scrap can bump up its value. Different metals fetch different prices. By separating them, you get the best rate for each type, raising your overall profit.
  4. Consider selling directly to end buyers: Skipping the middleman can mean more cash. Look for businesses that need your type of metal. Selling directly to them often pays more.
  5. Stay updated on market trends: The scrap metal market is always changing. Keeping an eye on it helps you decide the best time to sell. Use websites and industry news as resources.

These strategies will help you earn more from your scrap metal recycling. Remember to research prices, sell at the best time, sort your metals, sell directly to buyers, and follow market trends. A bit of effort and planning can maximize your profits and help the environment, too.


Now, finding the nearest scrap yard is a breeze. Technology, like the iScrap App, helps you find the closest option easily. Remember to look at pricing, services, and reputation before choosing.

Choosing the right scrap yard means more rewards for you and less harm to the planet. Recycling metal saves valuable resources and eases environmental strain. You also get paid fairly for what you recycle.

Why wait? Start recycling scrap metal today for a better tomorrow. Use the iScrap App to find a scrap yard near you. Together, we’ll work towards a sustainable future.


How do I find the nearest scrap yard?

You can use the iScrap App to find nearby scrap yards. A quick online search also works well. Or, you could ask local people for their recommendations.

What services do scrap yards offer?

Scrap yards offer many services like recycling scrap metal, removing junk, and renting dumpsters. They might take other recyclables too. You should check with the scrap yard to see what they provide.

How can I maximize my earnings from scrap metal recycling?

To earn more, research and compare prices at different scrap yards. Use scrap yards that are currently open as their demand may be higher. Selling an old car? Consider a junk car removal service.

What should I consider when choosing a scrap yard?

Consider the scrap yard’s reputation, their prices, and the services they offer. Choose one that’s fair, focuses on customer satisfaction, and is close by for convenience.

How can I safely recycle electric motors?

The iScrap App offers a detailed guide on recycling electric motors. Following their instructions ensures a safe and eco-friendly recycling.

What are the benefits of recycling scrap metal?

Recycling metal saves natural resources, cuts down landfill waste, and reduces the need for new metals. It also lowers greenhouse gases, helping build a greener future.