Find a Scrap Yard Near Me for Metal Recycling


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Are you looking for a place to recycle metal? We’ve got you covered! From old appliances to car parts, recycling them is smart and good for the planet. But finding a scrap yard can seem tough. In this article, we’ll talk about how to find one near you and why it’s important.

scrap yard near me

Meet Acme Iron and Metal, the biggest metal recycler in New Mexico. They offer great prices for your scrap metal. With locations like Albuquerque Metal Recycling and Rio Rancho Recycling, finding a nearby yard is easy. They care about the environment and use a powerful car shredder to reduce impact. Their team knows a lot about metal recycling. So, reach out to Ryan Hibler, the Commercial Manager, to get more information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding a scrap yard near you is crucial for responsible metal recycling.
  • Acme Iron and Metal offers top prices for metal scrap in New Mexico.
  • They have five full-service recycling locations for your convenience.
  • Acme Iron and Metal is fully licensed and compliant, prioritizing environmental impact reduction.
  • Contact Ryan Hibler, Commercial Manager, at Acme Iron and Metal to learn more.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling has many perks. It is both eco-friendly and profitable. When you recycle scrap metal, you’re creating a better future and lessening environmental harm. Here’s why it’s good:

  • Responsible Recycling: Recycling keeps scrap metal out of landfills. This prevents harmful substances from damaging the earth. It saves natural resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Competitive Pricing: Scrap yards pay well for metal scrap. This lets you make money from unused metals while supporting a sustainable economy.
  • Convenient Services: Many scrap yards make recycling easy with pick-up services. They collect your metal waste, saving you time and hassle.

Recycling scrap metal is good for the planet and your pocket. It’s a smart way to turn waste into cash. Check out scrap yards nearby for the best deals and services.

Local Scrap Yard Options

Looking to recycle metal? Several local scrap yards can help. Acme Iron and Metal in New Mexico is a great choice. They offer good prices for scrap and follow all environmental rules. This makes them a reliable option for metal recycling.

There are more places like Acme Iron and Metal that recycle metal. These spots are key for keeping the planet green and putting some money in your pocket. Recycling metal is good for Earth and can earn you cash.

Need the best scrap yard near you? Do some homework first. Look at location, prices, and services of different yards. Pick a scrap yard that offers good prices and customer service. Read what customers say to learn about their trustworthiness.

It’s important to find a good scrap yard for a smooth recycling process. This ensures your materials are recycled right and you get a fair deal. Take your time to check out local scrap yards and pick the best one.

Junkyard Comparison Table:

Junkyard Name Location Services Offered
Acme Iron and Metal New Mexico Top prices for metal scrap, full-service recycling
Junk Yard XYZ City ABC Scrap metal buying, scrap metal pick-up
Salvage Yard 123 County DEF Junk car removal, metal recycling

Recycling Centers and Services

Many areas have special centers for recycling, along with scrap yards. These places are key in helping our environment. They offer a good way to get rid of metal you don’t use anymore.

These centers have the right equipment to manage different metals. They sort and process the metal for recycling. This means your metal waste is handled well, helping our planet and saving resources.

Looking for a scrap yard or recycling center near you is easy. Use online directories or search engines. Type in “local scrap metal recycling” or “find scrap yard near my location”. You’ll quickly find the best options in your area.

Recycling centers accept all kinds of metal, from home or industry. By using them, you help create a better future. You also support a system that uses materials again, helping our world.

local scrap metal recycling

Benefits of Recycling Centers
Convenient and responsible disposal of metal scrap
Promotion of environmental sustainability
Reduction of waste and conservation of resources
Specialized facilities for sorting and processing metal scrap
Contribution to the circular economy

Tips for Finding a Scrap Yard Near You

Looking for a scrap yard nearby for metal recycling? Consider some key tips. These will guide you to the best scrap yard in your location.

1. Research Multiple Options

Start by researching and comparing various scrap yards. Check the prices and services they offer. This will help you choose the one that meets your needs best.

2. Check Reputation and Customer Reviews

It’s crucial to look into a scrap yard’s reputation and customer feedback before deciding. This gives you insight into their dependability, professionalism, and how satisfied their customers are.

3. Inquire about Accepted Metals and Requirements

Different scrap yards may have specific rules on what metals they take. They may also need certain preparations. Make sure to ask about these to avoid any issues during recycling.

4. Additional Services Offered

Find out if the scrap yard provides extra services like metal pick-up or drop-off bins. These services can make your recycling task much easier, especially for big items or large amounts.

5. Location and Convenience

Consider the location of the scrap yard and how close it is to you. Choosing one nearby saves time and money on transport. It makes the entire recycling process more straightforward.

These tips will help you find the right scrap yard for recycling your metal waste effectively. Remember, Acme Iron and Metal in New Mexico is known for offering good prices and great service.

Selling Scrap Metal and Getting Competitive Prices

If you have scrap metal lying around, selling it can help you clean up and earn extra cash. To get the best value, find a scrap yard with competitive prices. Here are tips to maximize your scrap metal earnings.

1. Research Scrap Yards Near Me

Begin by looking up scrap yards close to you. You can use search engines or online directories. Aim for yards that say “metal scrap buyers near me” or offer “scrap metal pick up.” This makes selling easier.

2. Compare Prices

After finding possible scrap yards, compare their prices for your metal type. Different yards might have varying rates. This comparison helps you find a yard with competitive rates for your scrap.

3. Consider Online Platforms

Besides local yards, check out online platforms that match sellers with buyers. These platforms widen your market and may offer conveniences like pickup. Ensure these platforms are reputable and secure.

4. Prepare Your Scrap Metal

It’s key to prepare your scrap metal before selling. Strip away non-metal elements like plastic or rubber. Cleaning your metal can increase its quality and value. Proper preparation boosts the price you might get.

5. Negotiate and Build Relationships

Don’t hesitate to negotiate with scrap yards. If you’re selling a lot or have high-quality scrap, you might get better prices. Creating a good relationship with a yard can bring future benefits. They might offer you better rates or specials.

Scrap Yard Location Contact
Acme Iron and Metal Albuquerque, NM 505-345-2457
ABC Scrap Yard Santa Fe, NM 505-123-4567
XYZ Recycling Rio Rancho, NM 505-987-6543

By using these strategies and selecting the right scrap yard, you can earn competitive prices for your scrap metal. Remember to prepare your metal, check prices, and explore online options for wider opportunities. With the correct approach, your scrap metal can bring you valuable cash.

Recycling Electric Motors Safely

Recycling electric motors is important for the environment and conserves valuable resources. It’s key to bring them to a certified recycling facility or scrap yard. These spots have the skills to safely handle electric motors. They can get valuable metals from them and dispose of hazardous parts safely.

Electric motors are in many appliances, equipment, and vehicles. They have metals like copper, aluminum, and iron. These can be recycled and used again, saving natural resources and reducing new mining.

Recycling electric motors involves important steps. This makes sure valuable metals are collected efficiently. It also lessens environmental harm. At recycling centers or scrap yards, motors are taken apart. This separates the different parts.

The valuable metals are then taken out with special tools and methods. These metals are wanted in many industries like cars, building, and electronics. By recycling, these metals go back into making new items. This cuts down on the need for new materials.

Also, harmful materials in electric motors are thrown away safely. This protects the soil, water, and air from toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium. Recycling places follow strict rules to keep harmful substances from hurting the environment.

responsible recycling

Recycling electric motors the right way helps the planet. It saves important resources and lessens the harm to the environment from getting and making raw materials. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or someone who wants to do good, picking local scrap metal recycling is a step towards a greener, more responsible world.

Maximizing Your Scrap Metal Earnings

Getting the most money for scrap metal is key. With the right methods, you can boost the value of your scraps. Below are some steps to increase your scrap metal profits:

1. Research and Compare Prices

Start by checking and comparing prices at different scrap yards nearby. Prices often change, so finding the right deal is crucial. Look for yards with competitive and fair prices for your metals.

2. Separate and Sort Your Metals

For the best price, it’s important to sort your metals by type. This includes copper, aluminum, steel, or brass. Each metal has a different value, so sorting helps you earn more.

3. Take Advantage of Scrap Metal Pick-up Services

Use scrap metal pick-up services if you can. This saves you the trouble of moving the metal yourself. These services can offer a good price and save you time.

4. Stay Updated on Market Trends

It’s important to stay informed about the market and price changes. Keep track of metal prices to sell when the time is right. This way, you’ll get the best price.

5. Build a Relationship with a Reputable Scrap Yard

Find a good scrap yard you can trust for consistent, competitive prices. A good relationship with them means better deals and more money over time.

Following these steps will help you make more from scrap metal. This also helps the environment and supports responsible waste management. Always make sure to follow safety and local recycling rules.

Surefire Ways to Increase Profit on Scrap Metal

Maximizing profit on scrap metal involves several strategies. These expert tips will help you get the best value for your materials. By following them, you can increase your earnings effectively.

1. Separate and Sort Different Types of Metals

The type and quality of scrap metal play a big role in its price. It’s crucial to separate and sort different metals. This makes it easier for scrap yards to value your materials accurately.

2. Remove Non-Metal Components

Plastic or rubber can lower the value of scrap metal. Remove these non-metal components before selling. This way, your metal is cleaner and more valuable to scrap yards.

3. Clean and Prepare the Scrap Metal

How your scrap metal looks matters. Clean it by removing any dirt or grime. Better quality metal attracts buyers and can raise its price.

4. Negotiate Prices with Scrap Yards

Don’t hesitate to discuss prices with scrap yards. If you have a lot of metal or high-quality pieces, you may get a better deal. Knowing market prices and having a good relationship with the scrap yard helps.

5. Consider Partnering with Experienced Scrap Metal Buyers or Brokers

If you’re new to the scrap metal game or seek expert advice, team up with professionals. Experienced buyers or brokers can give you insights into market trends. Their guidance can improve your decisions and boost your scrap metal profits.

These surefire ways can maximize your recycling efforts. They turn unused metals into valuable assets, increasing your profit on scrap metal.

Scrap Metal Pricing
Aluminum $0.50 per pound
Copper $2.80 per pound
Brass $1.30 per pound
Stainless Steel $0.30 per pound
Lead $0.40 per pound

Report Scrap Prices and Track Market Trends

The iScrap App is great for people who love scrap metal. It lets you share local scrap prices and keep up with the market. This helps you sell your scrap metal at good prices.

Stay In-the-Know

With the iScrap App, you get alerts when scrap metal prices change. This means you’ll know if prices go up or down right away. So, you can sell at the right time and make more money.

Reporting Made Easy

The app lets you share scrap prices in your area. This helps everyone in the scrap community. You also get the latest prices from others. This keeps you informed about market trends.

Convenient Features

The iScrap App not only tracks prices but also has other helpful tools. You can save your scrap metal sales receipts. It also helps you find scrap yards nearby.

The app helps you stay ahead in the recycling game. Don’t miss your chance to earn more. Download the app and join others who love scrap metal.

Benefits of the iScrap App Key Features
Real-time notifications on market trends Easily report local scrap prices
Stay informed about price fluctuations Upload and store receipts
Contribute to the scrap metal community Find local scrap yards near you


Finding a scrap yard near you is important for eco-friendly disposal and to earn from leftover metals. Acme Iron and Metal, in New Mexico, gives good prices and follows environmental rules strictly. Their focus on recycling means you can trust them with your scrap metal.

When picking a scrap yard, think about the prices, what they offer, and if the location is convenient. Looking around and comparing different places will help you find the perfect spot for your needs. Recycling metal in your area helps the planet and can also put some money in your pocket.

Looking for a good scrap yard means making smart choices. Pick a trustworthy place like Acme Iron and Metal. This way, you’re supporting green recycling and helping to take care of our environment.


Why is scrap metal recycling beneficial?

Scrap metal recycling helps in disposing of unused metals responsibly. It reduces environmental harm. Plus, it offers competitive pricing for your metals. Some places may even pick up your metal for convenience.

Where can I find a scrap yard near me?

You can find scrap yards like Acme Iron and Metal in New Mexico. Look up salvage yards or junkyards nearby. Make sure to research to find the best fit for your needs.

Are there dedicated recycling centers for metal scrap?

Yes, specific centers handle metal scrap recycling. They have the right tools and facilities for various metals.

How can I find a scrap yard or recycling center near my location?

Use online directories or search engines for a nearby scrap yard or recycling center. Just search “scrap yard near me” or “recycling center near me.” You’ll find options close to you.

What tips should I consider when looking for a scrap yard near me?

Look into several places to compare. Check the yard’s reputation and reviews. Ask what metals they take and any requirements. See if they have services like pick-up or bins. Finally, think about how easy it is to get there.

How can I sell scrap metal and get competitive prices?

Contact local scrap yards or use online platforms for selling metal scrap. Some places might pick up your scrap, making it easier for you.

How should I recycle electric motors?

Electric motors should go to a certified recycler or scrap yard experienced in metals. They know how to safely process the motors and handle hazardous parts.

How can I maximize my earnings from scrap metal?

To earn more, research scrap yard prices. Sort your metals for better value. Use pick-up services if possible. Stay aware of market changes. Build a good relationship with a scrap yard known for good prices.

What are surefire ways to increase profit on scrap metal?

Increase profit by sorting metals and removing any non-metal bits. Clean your scrap to better its quality. Negotiate with scrap yards. Consider working with experienced metal buyers or brokers.

How can I report scrap prices and track market trends?

The iScrap App lets you report local prices and follow market trends. It notifies you about market changes. The app also has features for uploading receipts and finding scrap yards near you.

Where can I find the best scrap yard for metal recycling?

Acme Iron and Metal in New Mexico is highly recommended. Still, it’s vital to check other options in your area. Think about their prices, services, and how easy it is to get there.

Why is metal recycling important?

Recycling metals helps in managing unused materials wisely. It cuts down on environmental damage. It preserves our natural resources and uses less energy than making new metals.