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Key Takeaways:

  • Finding local scrapyards is easy with the Scrapyard App.
  • Get access to national scrap prices and market trends to earn more.
  • Get notified about price changes to sell your scrap at the right time.
  • Help the community by sharing local scrap metal prices.
  • Download the Scrapyard App for free and discover your scrap metal’s value today!

Benefits of Recycling at Scrap Yards

Recycling at scrap yards brings many perks. By recycling scrap metal, you help lessen landfill waste. This action also conserves precious natural resources. Scrap yards take various items such as appliances, electronics, vehicles, and building supplies. They are key in the recycling chain, collecting and prepping these materials for future use. This kind of recycling helps our planet and boosts the economy by creating jobs and aiding local businesses.

Environmental Impact

Recycling metal at scrapyards does great things for our planet. It keeps metal waste out of dumps, reducing harmful emissions into soil, air, and water. This action lessens pollution, saves resources, and keeps natural areas safe. Scrap yards sort and treat metals with care. This makes sure each type is recycled right, lowering its environmental footprint even more.

Economic Benefits

Scrap yards play a big part in boosting local economies. They offer jobs in sorting, processing, and selling recycled metals. This industry also helps manufacturing and construction by offering low-cost materials. So, recycling here supports an industry that’s both green and economically sound.

Convenience and Accessibility

Scrap yards are easy to find and use, making recycling simple for everyone. You can bring old appliances, damaged cars, or building debris to your local yard. This choice is easier and more effective than other disposal methods. It ensures your recyclables are reused properly.

Choosing to recycle at scrap yards is beneficial for everyone. It promotes a healthier planet, supports our economy, and reduces waste. Next time you have recyclable materials, think about the positive impact of taking them to a scrap yard.

How to Find Scrap Yards Near Me

It’s easy to find scrapyards in your area these days. If you need to dispose of scrap metal or are in search of used auto parts, several methods can help you locate nearby scrapyards.

One easy way is to do a quick Google search for “scrap yards near me.” You’ll quickly get a list of nearby scrapyards. This lets you easily pick the one that meets your requirements.

find scrapyards in my area

Downloading the Scrapyard App is another choice. This app, with its easy-to-use layout, helps you find scrapyards. You can also see their prices by just tapping on your phone.

If you like talking to people, try asking around in local communities. Recommendations from friends, family, or car lovers can point you to scrapyards. These might not show up in online searches.

Local Salvage Yards and Auto Recycling Centers

You can also visit local salvage yards and auto recycling centers. These places often take scrap metal. They also offer services like buying used vehicles or selling second-hand auto parts.

Looking into salvage yards and auto recycling centers widens your search. It gives you more chances to find convenient locations.

Selling Scrap Metal at Scrap Yards

Selling scrap metal is pretty simple. First, find scrapyards nearby and see what metals they take. Make sure you sort your scrap metal by its type. This will help you make more money. At the scrap yard, they will weigh your metal. You get paid based on the market price. Remember, metal prices change often. So, it’s smart to call and check prices before you go.

Tips for Selling Scrap Metal at Scrap Yards

  • Research local scrapyards: Use the Scrapyard App or online resources to find places near you. Look at their reviews to ensure they are fair and reliable.
  • Separate and sort your scrap metal: Organize your metals, such as aluminum or copper. This makes it easier for scrapyards to weigh your metal and may increase your earnings.
  • Prepare your scrap metal for sale: Clean your metal and remove any non-metal parts. This can raise the value of your metal.
  • Check the current scrap metal prices: Market demand makes prices change. Use the Scrapyard App or online markets to keep up with prices.
  • Call ahead: Always call ahead to check the scrap yard’s current prices. This helps you know about any changes and plan your visit better.

Follow these tips for a good selling experience at scrapyards. By doing this, you’re more likely to make a profit.

Scrap Yard Name Location Accepted Metal Types Contact Information
ABC Scrap Yard City A, State X Aluminum, Copper, Steel Phone: 123-456-7890
XYZ Recycling Center City B, State Y Brass, Stainless Steel Phone: 987-654-3210
PQR Metal Solutions City C, State Z Aluminum, Copper, Steel Phone: 555-123-5678

Alternatives to Scrap Yards for Junk Removal

If you don’t want to go to a scrap yard, other choices exist. You can get rid of unwanted items without them taking up space. Look at these easy alternatives:

1. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

local scrapyards

A good choice is using a service like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. They will come and take away things you don’t want, like scrap metal. Though you won’t make money, they remove big, heavy junk without trouble. They handle the hard parts of junk removal for you.

2. Online Platforms and Classified Ads

You can sell valuable items online or in classified ads. Lots of people want to buy scrap metal. Take good pictures, describe your items well, and price them right. This method helps you turn junk into money fast.

Looking for scrapyards nearby? These alternatives help you get rid of junk easily without going to a yard. Pick what works for you and enjoy a cleaner space!

The Value of Scrap Metal

Scrap metal’s value changes due to things like metal type, market demand, and location. Knowing this helps you get the most out of your scrap metal. Let’s check out what makes some scrap metals valuable.

Common Scrap Metals

Metals like aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel are valuable. They’re used a lot in various industries. This keeps their prices fairly stable at scrapyards.

Precious Metals

Gold and platinum are more valuable because they’re rare and wanted for things like jewelry. They are also in electronics and catalytic converters. Scrapyards pay well for these metals because they’re in demand.

Stay Informed and Maximize Value

To get the best price for your scrap metal, keep an eye on current prices. The Scrapyard App gives you updates on market trends. This helps you sell at the best time.

The value of scrap metal also depends on where you are and local demand. Check out several scrapyards to get the best price. This way, you make sure you’re getting the most out of selling your scrap metal.

Metal Type Average Price per Pound ($)
Aluminum 0.60
Copper 3.50
Brass 2.00
Stainless Steel 0.30
Gold 1800.00
Platinum 950.00

Selling Scrap Cars at Salvage Yards

If you have an old or damaged car that you don’t need, consider selling it to a salvage yard. Salvage yards pay well for scrap cars and make the process easy. Just search “scrapyards near me” or “local scrapyards” to find one nearby. Many will even tow your car for you.

Before selling your scrap car, make sure you have the right documents. You will need the car’s title and registration to prove you own it. Having these ready will speed up the sale and paperwork at the salvage yard.

Start by contacting scrap yards in your area to sell your car. Call several to ask about their services and get quotes. This way, you can compare prices and find the best deal for your car.

Below, you’ll find a table of popular scrapyards, including their locations and how to contact them:

Salvage Yard Location Contact Information
Hillside Salvage Yard 123 Main St, Cityville Phone: 555-1234
Green Auto Recyclers 456 Elm St, Townsville Phone: 555-5678
Sunrise Salvage 789 Oak St, Villagetown Phone: 555-9012

After picking a salvage yard and getting a quote, schedule a time to drop off your car. Remember, some places might tow your car for free. This could save you the trouble of moving it yourself.

Tips for Getting the Best Price at Scrap Yards

When selling scrap metal, everyone wants the best price. Here’s how to make sure you get the most cash. Prepping your scrap metal properly can really pay off.

1. Separate and Sort Your Scrap Metal

Start by sorting your scrap metal by type before you go. This makes it easier for the yard to handle it. You’ll avoid any price mix-ups this way too.

2. Clean Your Scrap Metal

Cleaning your scrap metal can boost its value. Take off any dirt, rust, or stuff that’s not metal. Cleaner metal gets a better price because it’s easier to process.

3. Stay Informed About Current Scrap Metal Prices

Knowing the latest scrap metal prices gives you an edge. Use the Scrapyard App or online sites to stay updated. Timing your visit right could mean more money for you.

4. Compare Prices from Different Scrapyards

Different scrapyards might pay differently for the same scrap. Look around and compare what they offer. A small price difference can mean more money in your pocket.

5. Negotiate with Scrapyards

It’s okay to negotiate with scrapyards. If you have a lot of metal or it’s high quality, you might get a better deal. Be confident and aim for a win-win situation.

Following these steps will help you get the best deal at scrapyards. With a little effort and the right know-how, you can maximize your earnings from scrap metal.


Finding local scrapyards is now super easy. The Scrapyard App and online resources help you find scrapyards nearby quickly. This way, you’re not only recycling scrap metal but also helping the planet. Plus, you get to make some extra money.

Scrapyards provide many useful services. You can sell scrap metal, recycle appliances, or scrap your car. If you can’t visit a scrapyard, there are other options. Companies like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and online selling platforms can help with junk removal.

To get the most for your scrap metal, keep up with current prices. Use the Scrapyard App or check online to see trends and compare prices. Negotiate if you can. This will help you make the most from recycling efforts.

Start making a difference today by visiting local scrapyards. They offer many recycling and junk removal opportunities. Discover the best scrapyards in your area. Do good for the environment while earning extra cash!


How can I find local scrapyards near me?

You can easily find scrapyards near you. One way is to use apps like the Scrapyard App. Another way is to search “scrap yards near me” on Google. You can also ask for suggestions from local communities.

What items do scrapyards accept for recycling?

Scrap yards take many items for recycling. This includes large appliances, electronics, cars, and construction materials.

How do I sell scrap metal at scrapyards?

First, contact nearby scrapyards to see what metals they buy and how much they pay. Sort your scrap metal by type to get more money.When you go to the scrapyard, they’ll weigh your metal. Then, they’ll give you a price based on current market rates.

Are there alternatives to scrapyards for junk removal?

Yes, there are other ways to get rid of junk besides scrapyards. You can use junk removal services like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.You can also sell items online or through classified ads.

What is the value of scrap metal?

The value of scrap metal changes based on the type of metal, market demand, and location. Metals like aluminum, copper, brass, and steel can be worth a good amount.Precious metals like gold and platinum are more valuable. They are in demand for jewelry making and other industries.

Can I sell my scrap car at salvage yards?

Yes, you can sell your scrap car at salvage yards. Call your local yards to ask about car scrapping services and get a quote. Many places even offer to tow your car for free.

How can I get the best price for my scrap metal at scrapyards?

To get a good price for your scrap metal, separate and sort it by type. This makes weighing it easier. Clean your metal to remove dirt or non-metal things, as they can lower its weight and value.Keep track of current scrap metal prices. Compare prices at different scrapyards to get the best deal. Try to negotiate with scrapyards to earn more.