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Looking for a local scrap metal yard that’s open and ready to serve you? Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal in Memphis is here for you. They accept junk cars and scrap metal. Their team is fast and efficient, offering top-notch service. You’ll find them at a convenient location, making them the top choice for scrap metal recycling in the area.

scrap metal near me open now

Key Takeaways:

  • Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal offers quick and efficient service for scrap metal and junk cars.
  • Their convenient location makes them the go-to scrap metal recycling center in the area.
  • They accept a wide range of metals and provide immediate payment in cash.
  • Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal is committed to being environmentally responsible.
  • They offer additional services such as a parts counter for used auto parts.

Buying Junk Cars and Scrap Metal

Want to turn your scrap metal into cash? Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal is ready to assist. We are among the leading scrap metal dealers, offering good prices. Selling your scrap metal to us is easy and straightforward.

We accept various types of scrap metal. If you have old electronics, copper wires, or aluminum cans, we want them. Our skilled team ensures you get a fair deal and pay you in cash right away.

We don’t just stop at scrap metal. We buy old cars and out-of-service vehicles too. Got an old car collecting dust? Bring it to us for a swift exchange for cash.

Choosing Worley Brothers means getting top value for your scrap. We’re known for our good prices and top-notch service. You can trust us to treat you right.

Sell your scrap metal to us for cash today. Discover the difference with Worley Brothers.

Environmental Responsibility

At Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal, we deeply care about the planet. We make sure scrap metal and e-waste get recycled, not thrown away. This helps keep our Earth clean and green.

nearest scrap metal facility

Our scrap yard has gone green in a big way. We’ve put in a concrete system that’s good for the Earth. It lets us recycle with little harm to our surroundings and reuses more materials.

Our Certifications

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certification
  • Ohio Scrap Metal Dealer License (OSCA)

Our EPA and OSCA certifications show we’re serious about staying green. By picking us, you’re part of a greener future. You help lessen the damage to our world.

Accepted Metals and Items

At Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal, we recycle many types of metals and items. We let customers check current prices for different metals. Here’s what we take:

Metal Categories

1. Copper: We take pipes, wires, and gutters made of copper. It’s a top choice in the scrap metal world.

2. Aluminum: We welcome aluminum items like cans, wheels, and extrusions.

3. Stainless Steel: Bring your stainless steel things. This includes sinks, kitchen stuff, and industrial gear.

4. Brass: We’re happy to get brass items. Think faucets, doorknobs, and pipes.

Additional Accepted Items

1. Automotive Parts: Got old car parts? We buy engines, transmissions, and catalytic converters.

2. Appliances: We’ll take your old fridges, washing machines, or dryers.

3. Aluminum Cans: Recycling aluminum cans with us helps the planet.

When you come by, we’ll check your items for quality. This helps us offer fair prices and keep the scrap market honest. We aim to make recycling easy and rewarding for our customers.

Stop by Worley Brothers today. Turn your recyclables into cash. Help us cut down on waste and protect the earth for the next generation.

Guidelines for Selling Scrap Metals

Selling scrap metals at Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal is simple if you follow a few rules. You need the right documents to make the process go smoothly. Here’s what you need to remember:

Valid ID Requirements

When you sell scrap metals here, you must show a valid ID. This is to make sure everything is legal. It also stops the wrong use of materials. By checking ID, they keep their business honest and support good recycling.

No Non-Metal Items

Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal only deals with scrap metal. So, don’t bring in anything that’s not metal. Make sure you’ve sorted out non-metal things before you arrive. This makes the process faster and avoids wasting resources.

Right to Refuse

Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal can say no to certain items. They aim to help all sellers, but some metals may not be acceptable. Their team will check what you bring and decide if it meets their rules.

Pricing Information

If you want to know about prices for scrap metal or used auto parts, just ask Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal. They’ll give you the latest info to help you decide on selling. They believe in transparent pricing for fair deals.

If you’re still unsure about selling scrap metals, reach out to Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal. They aim to offer great service and make recycling a positive experience.

Additional Services

At Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal, we work hard to meet all your needs. We buy junk cars and scrap metal. But we do more to be your go-to for automotive and metal needs.

Parts Counter for Used Auto Parts

Looking for high-quality used auto parts? Check our parts counter. We have what you need, from engines to simple accessories. Our team is ready to help you find it.

Our used auto parts save you money without losing vehicle performance. We stock parts for many vehicle types. You’ll find the perfect fit with us.

We offer good prices for scrap metal. At our parts counter, deals are great. We aim to provide affordable, quality used auto parts for all.

Need a specific part? Call us at 800-646-4790. Our staff will gladly help you and share prices.

Our parts counter makes shopping easy and stress-free. Visit us to see our broad range of used auto parts. Find what your vehicle needs today.

Safety and Security Guidelines

At Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal, we put safety first for everyone. Our scrap metal facility and yard follow strict guidelines. This ensures everyone stays safe.

1. Stay with Your Vehicle

Customers must stay in their vehicles on our grounds. This rule helps us keep order and protect everyone. Please do not walk around or explore the site.

2. Keep Pets and Passengers Inside

We ask that all pets and passengers stay in the vehicle. This prevents accidents and keeps the yard safe.

3. Personal Item Responsibility

We aim for a secure place but can’t watch personal items. Please keep your valuables locked in your car. This will help avoid losses.

4. Age Restrictions

For the safety of young ones, we have an age limit. No one under 18 is allowed. This keeps the risks low in our scrap metal operations.

5. Prohibited Substances

Our site bans alcohol and drugs to keep it safe. Everyone must follow this rule for safety. This helps everyone stay safe and well.

Following these rules helps us keep a secure, efficient site. At Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal, your safety is our main focus. We strive to make your visit worry-free.

Scrap Metal Facility Guidelines Scrap Metal Yard Guidelines Scrap Metal Recycling Job Guidelines
Stay with your vehicle Stay with your vehicle Stay with your vehicle
Keep pets and passengers inside Keep pets and passengers inside Keep pets and passengers inside
Personal item responsibility Personal item responsibility Personal item responsibility
Age restrictions Age restrictions Age restrictions
Prohibited substances Prohibited substances Prohibited substances

Caring for the Environment

At Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal, we see the big picture of scrap metal recycling. It’s good for the economy and the Earth. Recycling metal saves resources and cuts down on pollution.

Recycling metals like aluminum, copper, and steel is energy efficient. It reduces the need to mine new materials. This way, we’re saving Earth’s precious resources for the future.

Also, recycling metal lowers the emissions that warm our planet. When we recycle scrap metal, we keep the air and land cleaner. This creates a healthier environment for everyone.

We are committed to taking care of the Earth. We push for more scrap metal recycling. Together, we can reduce waste, save resources, and protect our planet for the next generations.

metal recycling impacts

The Environmental Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal brings many environmental perks:

  • Conserves natural resources
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Minimizes greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preserves valuable landfill space
  • Reduces water and air pollution
Environmental Benefit Description
Conserves natural resources By recycling metal, we reduce the need for mining new materials, preserving non-renewable resources.
Reduces energy consumption Recycling metal requires significantly less energy compared to the production of new metals.
Minimizes greenhouse gas emissions Scrap metal recycling reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.
Preserves valuable landfill space By diverting metal from landfills, we can save valuable space and reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal.
Reduces water and air pollution The recycling process produces fewer pollutants compared to the extraction and production of new metals.


Looking for a trusted solution for all your scrap metal needs in Memphis? Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal is your go-to. They’re not just any scrap yard. With convenient services, they’re here to meet your every need.

Got junk cars or scrap to sell? Worley Brothers is quick and efficient. They care about the environment and recycle like pros. Count on them to help save natural resources.

Customer service is where Worley Brothers really shines. They make selling scrap or recycling easy and stress-free. Their team works hard to make sure you’re happy and get a good deal for your scrap.

Need a dependable scrap yard or recycling center? Choose Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal. Call them now for fast service. They’re experts in recycling and care about the planet. Join them in their mission to recycle and conserve.


What services does Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal offer?

Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal offers various services. They buy junk cars and scrap metal. They ensure fast and efficient service.

What kind of metals does Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal accept?

Worley Brothers accepts many metals. This includes copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

What items can I sell to Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal?

You can sell many items to Worley Brothers. They buy automotive parts, appliances, and aluminum cans. They also purchase other scrap metals.

Does Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal provide immediate payment for scrap metal?

Yes, they provide instant cash payments for scrap metal.

What certifications does Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal have?

Worley Brothers has EPA and OSCA certifications. This shows their dedication to safe and sustainable recycling.

What are the guidelines for selling scrap metals at Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal?

For selling scrap metal, you need a valid ID. Follow their guidelines strictly. No non-metal items are accepted.

Does Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal offer any additional services?

Yes, they also have a parts counter. There, customers can buy used auto parts.

Are there any age restrictions or safety guidelines when visiting Worley Brothers Scrap Iron & Metal?

Indeed, no one under 18 is allowed in their yards. They focus on safety and security. So, keep all pets and passengers in vehicles. Don’t leave your vehicle.

How does recycling scrap metal help the environment?

Recycling helps by reducing waste and conserving natural resources. It cuts down on pollution. Moreover, it saves energy and minimizes the need for mining.