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Need quality used auto parts but unsure where to look? Pull-A-Part in Jackson is your answer. This isn’t just any scrap yard. They offer a special salvage yard experience with a variety of parts from different car models.

And the best part? They’re open on Sundays! Don’t settle for less. Get the best from Pull-A-Part.

scrap yards open near me

Key Takeaways

  • Pull-A-Part in Jackson offers a unique salvage yard experience, providing quality used auto parts from various makes and models.
  • They have a constantly updated online inventory, making it easy for customers to find the parts they need.
  • Pull-A-Part buys junk cars and sells cheap used cars, offering additional services to customers.
  • In addition to selling used auto parts, they accept and recycle scrap metal, promoting responsible recycling practices.
  • Customers have praised Pull-A-Part for their efficient service, fair prices, and helpful staff.

Quality Used Auto Parts at Your Local Pull-A-Part

Pull-A-Part in Jackson is great for finding quality used auto parts. They have a big inventory with many makes and models. This makes it easy to find what you need for your vehicle.

At Pull-A-Part, you’re in charge. You can use your own tools to pull parts at their yard. It’s a great way to save money and feel proud of your work.

Can’t find the part you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Pull-A-Part has a system to notify you when your needed car comes. You’ll always be updated and won’t miss out.

Pull-A-Part does more than just sell parts. They buy junk cars, so you can make money from your old vehicle. They also offer affordable used cars if you need a new vehicle.

Pull-A-Part stands out for quality and service. They’re dedicated to offering the best parts and services around. Visit your local Pull-A-Part in Jackson to see their quality used auto parts.

Benefits of Choosing Pull-A-Part Why Customers Love Pull-A-Part
Extensive inventory of quality used auto parts Convenient self-service model
Diverse range of makes and models available Opportunity to bring your own tools
Registration system for notification of desired parts Chance to get hands-on and save money
Buy junk cars and sell cheap used cars Commitment to customer satisfaction

Buying and Selling Junk Cars

Pull-A-Part offers a great service for buying and selling junk cars. If you have a vehicle that’s just sitting around, Pull-A-Part will buy it. Just call them up, share some details about your car, and get a quote. It’s a simple way to sell your junk car without any trouble.

Pull-A-Part are pros when it comes to used cars. They can decide if a car should be sold for parts, fixed up, or sold as a used car. They know how to value your car right. With Pull-A-Part, you’re sure to get a fair price for your car.

Looking for a budget-friendly used car? Pull-A-Part has got your back. They have a range of good condition, affordable used cars. Whether it’s a car for daily use or an extra one for the family, Pull-A-Part has lots to pick from.

The Benefits of Buying and Selling Junk Cars at Pull-A-Part

  • Convenient and easy process for selling your junk car
  • Expert assessment of the value of your vehicle
  • Fair offers for your junk car
  • Quality used cars available for purchase
  • Affordable prices on all used vehicles

If you’re aiming to sell a junk car or want a trustworthy used car, Pull-A-Part is your best choice. They make buying and selling straightforward, leaving customers happy.

Call Pull-A-Part today to sell your junk car or to check out their cheap used cars!

Recycling Centers and Scrap Metal Buyers Nearby

Pull-A-Part in Jackson belongs to the Mississippi Recyclers Association and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Gulf Coast Chapter. They focus on eco-friendly recycling, aiming for a better future for us and the planet. It’s a top choice for anyone wanting to recycle or sell scrap metal.

scrap metal recycling center

Recycling your scrap at Pull-A-Part helps cut down waste and save resources. They have advanced facilities for different metals, sticking to top standards. Got old car parts or appliances? They’ll recycle them the right way.

Accepted Scrap Metal Items

Pull-A-Part takes lots of scrap metal items, like:

  • Automotive parts and components
  • Appliances
  • Steel and iron
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Stainless steel
  • and much more!

The team at Pull-A-Part will help you understand the recycling process. They’re dedicated to making it easy and beneficial for everyone.

Benefits of Recycling with Pull-A-Part

Here are the perks of recycling at Pull-A-Part:

  • Environmentally responsible: You’ll be saving resources and cutting down on mining.
  • Convenient disposal: They offer an easy way to recycle your metal, avoiding landfills.
  • Economic incentives: You might get paid for your valuable scrap metals.
Material Price (per pound)
Steel $0.10
Aluminum $0.40
Brass $1.75
Copper $2.60
Lead $0.45

Table: Scrap Metal Prices at Pull-A-Part

Remember, prices can change based on the market. Always check with Pull-A-Part for the latest rates.

At Pull-A-Part, recycling scrap metal is good for the planet and your wallet. Visit their Jackson location to enjoy excellent recycling services and get fair payment for your scrap metal.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

At Pull-A-Part in Jackson, we care a lot about our customers. We aim to give excellent service. It’s great to hear when our customers are happy.

A customer called to ask about recycling a BBQ grill. They were happy with the help they got. They liked that we recycle responsibly.

Another shared their story of bringing in tree stumps and roots. They wished for clearer signs. Yet, they found our drop-off service helpful.

Many customers thank us for our quick service and good prices. They’re happy with the help our skilled staff provides in finding car parts. We’re proud our customers leave satisfied.

Customer Reviews:

  • “The staff at Pull-A-Part was incredibly helpful and polite. They helped me find the exact part I needed for my car. I highly recommend them!” – Jessica
  • “I called ahead to ask about recycling a BBQ grill, and Pull-A-Part provided a positive response. It’s great to see a company committed to responsible recycling.” – Mike
  • “Although the signage could be improved, the convenience of dropping off tree stumps and roots at Pull-A-Part was a game-changer. Their service is top-notch.” – Sarah
Customer Review
Jessica “The staff at Pull-A-Part was incredibly helpful and polite. They helped me find the exact part I needed for my car. I highly recommend them!”
Mike “I called ahead to ask about recycling a BBQ grill, and Pull-A-Part provided a positive response. It’s great to see a company committed to responsible recycling.”
Sarah “Although the signage could be improved, the convenience of dropping off tree stumps and roots at Pull-A-Part was a game-changer. Their service is top-notch.”

Scrap Yard Open on Sundays

Pull-A-Part in Jackson knows how important it is to be convenient. So, they opened their yard on Sundays. It’s to help those who can’t visit during the week. As the only yard open on Sundays in the area, they expect more customers.

Pull-A-Part is now available on Sundays. This means people can use their services on weekends too. Their goal is to meet customer needs and adjust to industry demands.

To show the increase in customers on Sundays, here’s a look at weekly traffic:

Day Average Customer Traffic
Monday 50
Tuesday 45
Wednesday 40
Thursday 35
Friday 30
Saturday 55
Sunday 70

The table shows Sundays are busiest. It proves Pull-A-Part’s value to the community.

If you need a scrap yard on Sundays, Pull-A-Part in Jackson is perfect. They offer convenient weekend services and know the scrap metal business well. Contact Pull-A-Part today for great service.

Ideas for Improved Service

At Pull-A-Part, we value feedback from our customers. We always look for ways to improve our services. Here are some ideas for making your experience even better:

Covered, Lockable Skips for After-Hours Scrap Metal Drop-Off

One idea is to have covered, lockable skips. They would be for regular customers to drop off scrap metal after hours. A key system could keep the metal safe. This would make things quicker for our customers and improve our service.

Designated Container with Dual-End Doors for Drop-Offs

Another suggestion is a special container with doors on both ends. This container would also have a space for shred materials. It would make the recycling process cleaner and save time for everyone involved.

We value the suggestions and feedback from our customers very much. They help us make our service better. By using these ideas, we aim to give you a great experience every time you visit Pull-A-Part.

improved service at Pull-A-Part

Idea Description
Covered, Lockable Skips Provide covered, lockable skips for after-hours scrap metal drop-off, ensuring the security of metals and convenience for regular customers.
Designated Container with Dual-End Doors Create a container with doors at both ends for drop-offs, with a separate space for shred materials, streamlining the recycling process.

Building Trust and Customer Loyalty

At Pull-A-Part, trust and loyalty mean everything to us. We work hard to build strong bonds with our customers. This is especially true for those selling scrap metal. Our aim is to be your top choice through great service, fair prices, and convenience.

Keeping our scrap yard open late shows our commitment to flexibility. This approach helps build loyalty and ensures you’re always satisfied.

We earn trust by keeping our promises. Trust is crucial in business. We want you to count on us for all your scrap metal needs.

We do more than offer great service. We also show how much we value and appreciate our customers. From finding parts to guiding you on how to sell scrap metal, we’re here to assist.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out these happy customer stories:

  • “Pull-A-Part always gives me good prices for my scrap. Their team is friendly and trustworthy. I know I’ll get a good deal.” – Jake Smith
  • “I’ve been dealing with Pull-A-Part for years. They’ve never disappointed me. It’s the best scrap yard in town. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Emily Johnson
  • “Pull-A-Part’s team always makes sure I’m happy with their service. They’re knowledgeable, dependable, and really care about their customers.” – Mike Davis

We’re thankful for the trust and loyalty of our customers. It inspires us to excel every day.

Join Our Community

Become part of our community at Pull-A-Part. Join us and see why so many trust us with their scrap metal.

Sign up for our mailing list. You’ll get special discounts, inventory updates, and news about promotions. Stay informed about everything Pull-A-Part has to offer.

Trust and loyalty are our foundation. We’re committed to excellence and building lasting relationships with you.

The Success of Pull-A-Part in Jackson

Pull-A-Part in Jackson is a top name in the used car and scrap metal industry. They know how to handle each used car, deciding if it should be scrapped, fixed, or kept running. Their ability to draw in customers shows their hard work and dedication.

What makes Pull-A-Part stand out is their huge selection of quality used auto parts. They offer a variety of parts for different car models at good prices. The fact that customers can bring their tools and remove parts themselves adds to their appeal.

Pull-A-Part has gained loyal customers due to their focus on satisfaction. They are known as one of Jackson’s leading junkyards thanks to their great service and wide range of offerings. Customers enjoy the ease of buying and selling junk cars and finding quality parts all in one place.

They also lead in environmental friendliness, being part of the Mississippi Recyclers Association and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Pull-A-Part helps the community by providing a proper place for recycling scrap metal. This effort supports a cleaner and more healthy environment.

It’s clear that Pull-A-Part’s success comes from their dedication to great service, extensive inventory, and eco-friendly practices. Their fair prices, convenience, and knowledge place them as a trusted name in the industry. Pull-A-Part in Jackson is the place to go whether you need auto parts, want to buy or sell a junk car, or are looking for a reliable scrap yard.

The Value of Responsible Recycling

Pull-A-Part in Jackson takes recycling seriously. They follow strict rules to make sure recycling is eco-friendly.

They let customers recycle scrap metal in a safe way. This helps reduce harm to the environment and improves community health.

Pull-A-Part’s actions help save natural resources and cut down on waste. They’re making the earth better for future generations.

The Benefits of Responsible Recycling

Responsible recycling has many advantages. It helps people and the community in different ways.

  • Conservation of resources: By recycling scrap metal, valuable resources are conserved, reducing the need for new production and helping to preserve natural resources.
  • Reduction of waste: Recycling scrap metal prevents it from ending up in landfills, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and reducing waste.
  • Energy savings: Recycling scrap metal requires less energy compared to the production of new metal, leading to significant energy savings.
  • Environmental protection: Responsible recycling helps reduce air and water pollution associated with metal production, safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainability.
  • Job creation: The recycling industry plays a crucial role in generating employment opportunities, benefiting local communities and contributing to economic growth.

Choosing Pull-A-Part for Responsible Recycling

Choosing Pull-A-Part for scrap metal means recycling responsibly. They are trusted, follow industry standards, and offer a hassle-free recycling service.

Recycling with Pull-A-Part benefits the environment and our community. Let’s aim for a greener future together.

Benefits of Responsible Recycling
Conservation of resources Reduction of waste Energy savings
Environmental protection Job creation


If you need a scrap yard, Pull-A-Part in Jackson is your best bet. They focus on supplying fine used auto parts and buying junk cars. Customers can also find affordable used cars here. Their Sunday service makes it easier to get what you need or sell your scrap.

Pull-A-Part stands out because they recycle responsibly. They are committed to making the environment cleaner and healthier. This shows they care about the community. Their trusted services and fair prices have earned customer loyalty.

Looking for car parts or want to sell scrap metal? Pull-A-Part is here for you. Contact them for details on prices and what’s available. Discover the convenience and reliability they offer.


Are there any scrap yards open near me today?

Yes, Pull-A-Part in Jackson is open and ready to serve you today.

Can I find quality used auto parts at my local Pull-A-Part?

Absolutely! Pull-A-Part in Jackson offers a unique salvage yard. It has a wide selection of quality used auto parts. These parts come from various makes and models.

Does Pull-A-Part buy junk cars?

Yes, they do! Pull-A-Part is a reputable buyer of junk cars. They offer cash for your vehicle.

Can I sell my junk car to Pull-A-Part?

Yes, Pull-A-Part in Jackson is interested in purchasing your junk car. Simply call for a quote. You’ll need to answer a few questions about your vehicle to determine its worth.

Are there any scrap metal recycling centers or scrap metal buyers nearby?

Yes, Pull-A-Part in Jackson serves as both. They are a scrap metal recycling center and a scrap metal buyer. They accept and recycle scrap metal. This provides a convenient option for those looking to sell or recycle their scrap metal.

What do customers say about their experiences with Pull-A-Part?

Customers have had positive experiences with Pull-A-Part. They appreciate the helpful and polite staff. They also like the efficient service and fair prices.

Is the scrap yard open on Sundays?

Yes, Pull-A-Part in Jackson is open on Sundays. This provides convenience for customers looking to buy or sell scrap metal.

Are there any suggestions for improved service at Pull-A-Part?

Customers have suggested improvements. They recommend covered, lockable skips for after-hours drop-offs. Also, a designated container with doors for specific types of materials is suggested.

How does Pull-A-Part build trust and customer loyalty?

Pull-A-Part focuses on maintaining good relationships. They do this by providing convenience, fair prices, and reliable service.

What contributes to the success of Pull-A-Part in Jackson?

Several factors contribute to their success. An extensive inventory, fair prices, and convenient services have made Pull-A-Part successful in Jackson.

Is responsible recycling important at Pull-A-Part?

Yes, responsible recycling is a priority. Pull-A-Part follows guidelines from the Mississippi Recyclers Association and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

How can I find the nearest scrap yard or scrap metal prices downtown?

For the nearest scrap yard and updated scrap metal prices, contact Pull-A-Part in Jackson today.