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Are you ready to make some cash from metal? But, it can be tough to find scrap yards that are open. And, how do you know if they give good prices? Don’t stress. We’re here to help you. We’ll show you how to find open scrap yards. Plus, tips on how to get the most money for your scrap metal. Let’s turn your scrap into cash and help our planet!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Locating a scrap yard open now is crucial for turning your metal into money.
  • Accurate and up-to-date pricing is essential when selling your scrap metal.
  • Recycling your metal helps save the environment by reducing waste in landfills.
  • Choose reputable scrap yards that accept various types of metals.
  • Maximize your earnings by selling high-value metals like copper and aluminum.

Astro City Scrap Metal – Your Go-To Recycling Center in Houston

Looking for a reliable recycling center in Houston? Astro City Scrap Metal is your answer. Since 1984, they have been serving the Greater Houston Area. They are known for their exceptional service and fair prices.

Astro City Scrap Metal can handle various types of metals. This includes copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and alloys. No matter the size of your scrap, they’re ready to help.

The team at Astro City makes sure you get competitive prices for your metals. They use special technology to provide accurate estimates. Plus, they always keep up with current market rates.

By recycling, you not only turn scrap into cash but also help the planet. Astro City Scrap Metal is committed to environmental conservation. They make recycling easy and impactful.

Next time you’re looking to recycle metal, go to Astro City Scrap Metal in Houston. Their team will ensure you get the best value for your metals. Become part of their satisfied customer community.

Why Choose Astro City Scrap Metal

  • Established and trusted recycling center in Houston
  • Accepts a wide range of scrap metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and alloys
  • Equipped with special machines and technology for accurate estimates and pricing
  • Committed to promoting recycling and saving the environment
  • Conveniently located in Houston for easy access

What Metals Does Astro City Scrap Metal Accept?

Astro City Scrap Metal is near Houston and takes many non-ferrous metals. They focus on recycling valuable materials. This makes them a top spot for eco-friendly scrap disposal.

At Astro City, you can recycle metals like:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Alloys

They also take insulated wires from local electricians. This makes it easy for those needing to recycle electrical scrap.

But, Astro City has safety rules. So, they can’t take cans, glass, batteries, or air conditioners with Freon. Always check their list of accepted metals before recycling.

The Metal Acceptance List at Astro City Scrap Metal:

Metal Acceptance
Copper Yes
Aluminum Yes
Brass Yes
Stainless Steel Yes
Alloys Yes
Cans No
Glass No
Batteries No
Air Conditioners with Freon No

Astro City gives a full list of metals they accept. This ensures you know what you can recycle. Their focus on safety and the environment makes them stand out in Houston.

If you need to recycle non-ferrous metals in a responsible way, Astro City is the place. It’s the choice for a greener future.

The Value of Copper and Its Recycling Potential

Copper is an ancient and highly valuable metal. It is widely used in many industries because of its special features. For example, it makes things like stoves and jewelry.

It is perfect for electrical wiring and plumbing because it does not rust and can bend easily. This makes copper a key material for many projects.

Astro City Scrap Metal, in Houston, knows how important copper is. They are experts in recycling copper, especially from wires. They offer good prices for copper and help the planet by doing so.

Got a lot of copper? Astro City Scrap Metal is the place to go. They will check your copper and pay well based on market prices. Recycling your copper there means you get cash and help the environment.

Copper Recycling Benefits:
Reduces the need for new copper mining
Conserves valuable resources
Supports sustainability efforts
Helps protect the environment

The Recycling Process:

Recycling copper at Astro City Scrap Metal is thorough and quick. They check the quality of your copper to decide how to recycle it best. For wires, they strip them to get the copper out. Other items are sorted and prepped differently.

Accepted Copper Items: Items Not Accepted:
  • Copper wires
  • Copper pipes
  • Copper sheets
  • Copper fittings
  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • Air conditioners with Freon

Astro City Scrap Metal is all about great service and sustainable living. They aim to lessen waste and showcase the importance of recycling copper.

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Scrap Metal Weights and Pricing Accuracy

Knowing the accurate weight and current prices of scrap metal is crucial when selling. Astro City Scrap Metal focuses on precision and transparency. We want you to get the best value for your metals. Our top-notch XRF system sets the standard for weighing metals. It gives you an exact weight of your scrap. This tech removes all doubts and ensures precise measurements every time.

We go beyond just providing accurate weights. We also keep you updated on daily metal price changes. Our live pricing system offers peace of mind. You know you’re getting the latest market prices. Metal prices change often. That’s why real-time information is key to us.

At Astro City Scrap Metal, we involve you in the weighing process. We show the scale weight and explain its determination. This openness ensures honesty and fairness. It gives you trust in our pricing accuracy. Your satisfaction is our goal. We aim for outstanding service each time you recycle with us.

Choosing Astro City Scrap Metal means choosing dependability, accuracy, and transparency. Visit us today. See our commitment to accurate scrap metal weights and pricing for yourself.

The Value of Aluminum and Recyclable Products

Astro City Scrap Metal values aluminum along with copper. Aluminum is found in homes, buildings, automobiles, and cell phones. Selling your unwanted aluminum to a place like Astro City Scrap Metal can earn you extra cash. It also supports the recycling of this important metal.

Recycling aluminum helps tackle the growing waste problem. It reduces the need to mine new resources. This process saves energy, cuts down greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves materials. Recycled aluminum is used in new products like vehicle parts and packaging materials.

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Benefits of Recycling Aluminum:

  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preserves valuable resources
  • Supports the circular economy
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Creates job opportunities in the recycling industry

Recycling aluminum is beneficial for everyone. It brings financial rewards to people and companies. Plus, it aids in building a sustainable, eco-friendly future. By selling your unwanted aluminum to a scrap yard like Astro City Scrap Metal, you’re making a positive impact. You support the push towards a greener world.

C&D Scrap Metal – A Trusted Scrap Metal Recycling Business

C&D Scrap Metal is a trusted name in Houston, Texas, for scrap metal recycling. They have over 40 years of experience. This experience means they offer top-notch recycling services and great customer satisfaction. C&D Scrap Metal can help you whether you have ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

They accept a variety of metals such as copper wire, aluminum cans, and stainless steel. They know the importance of these materials and their environmental impact. By recycling with them, you reduce waste and save valuable resources.

C&D Scrap Metal is known for its fair and transparent weighing system. They make sure you get the best value for your scrap metal. They have a strict process for weighing your materials, ensuring honesty and reliability.

Choosing C&D Scrap Metal helps the environment and promotes sustainable scrap metal practices. By recycling with them, you’re part of the effort to reduce waste and save resources for the future.

C&D Scrap Metal stands out for its commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility. They are the best choice for recycling your scrap metal in Houston, Texas. Reach out to them to turn your scrap metal into something valuable.

Convenient Locations and Exceptional Service at C&D Scrap Metal

Looking for top auto wrecking yards in Houston, Texas? C&D Scrap Metal is your best choice. We have locations in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, and Houston. We’re here for homeowners, contractors, and businesses.

At C&D Scrap Metal, excellent service is what we aim for. Our team is always happy to help, making sure your experience is easy. And we make sure you get the best price for your scrap by checking prices daily.

No job is too big or small for C&D Scrap Metal. Our sites can handle lots of different materials, meeting all your scrap metal needs. From household items to large industrial pieces, we can take care of it.

Why Choose C&D Scrap Metal?

  • Conveniently located facilities in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, and Houston
  • Knowledgeable staff providing fast and friendly customer service
  • Daily review of current scrap metal prices to ensure top dollar for your scrap
  • Catering to homeowners, contractors, and commercial businesses
  • Handling a wide range of materials and quantities

Join our happy customers at C&D Scrap Metal. Whether tidying up, working on a project, or aiming for a greener planet, we’re here to help. Get in touch now to turn your scrap into cash.

Facility Address Contact
Fort Bend County 123 Recycling Road, Richmond, TX 12345 (123) 456-7890
Sugar Land 456 Recycle Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 67890 (987) 654-3210
Houston 789 Scrap Street, Houston, TX 54321 (456) 789-0123


First, find Houston TX scrap yards open today near you to turn your metal into money. Astro City Scrap Metal and C&D Scrap Metal are great options. They offer good locations, excellent service, and top prices for your metal.

Recycling your metal lets you earn extra cash. Plus, it helps the environment. It saves resources and cuts down on the need for new materials. It benefits both your pocket and the planet.

Got copper, aluminum, or other metals? Don’t let them waste away. Get in touch with your nearest Houston TX scrap yard. Start making money and help save our planet at the same time!


Are there any scrap yards that are open now?

Yes, some scrap yards are open today. You should call your local scrap yards to know their hours.

How do I find the nearest scrap metal yards?

To find nearby scrap metal yards, use online directories or search engines. Just type in your location and add “scrap metal yards near me.”

What are the top-rated scrap yards?

Top-rated scrap yards include Astro City Scrap Metal in Houston. C&D Scrap Metal also gets high marks, with locations in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, and Houston.

What types of metals do scrap yards accept?

Scrap yards usually take various metals. This includes copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and alloys. But, check with each yard to see what they take.

What is the current price of scrap metal?

The price of scrap metal changes daily. For the latest prices, contact local scrap yards.