Find Scrap Yards Open on Sunday Near You


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Are you tired of trying to find a scrap yard open on Sundays? We have the perfect solution for you! Scrap yards open on Sundays do exist. We’re here to guide you to them. Whether it’s scrap metal, old appliances, or other recyclable materials, we can help. Discover the convenience and advantages of using scrap yards open on Sundays.

scrap yards open on sunday near me

Key Takeaways:

  • Scrap yards that are open on Sundays are available, allowing you to conveniently recycle your materials.
  • Sgt. Scrap is a scrap yard that offers reliable service and pays the best prices in the area.
  • Sgt. Scrap accepts a wide variety of scrap metals, including alloys, aluminum, brass, copper, and more.
  • Scrap yards open on Sundays provide additional services, such as auto salvage and appliance recycling.
  • Recycling at scrap yards open on Sundays contributes to environmental conservation and waste reduction.

Scrap Yards Open on Sunday: Convenience and Service

Finding scrap yards that are open on Sunday means looking for convenience and reliable service. Sgt. Scrap is a local facility known for caring deeply about customer satisfaction and working efficiently.

Sgt. Scrap wants to help people with busy weekday schedules. They open on Sundays, so folks can recycle scrap metals easily and without trouble.

At Sgt. Scrap, you’ll find many services to make recycling simple. You can drop off your scrap metals quickly. For larger items, they offer pickup services to make things even easier.

Choosing Sgt. Scrap means you get great prices for your scrap. They strive to offer top rates in the area. You can trust them to pay you fairly, helping you earn more.

Scrap yards like Sgt. Scrap, which open on Sundays, put convenience and service first. They work hard to make recycling scrap metals easy and profitable. Picking a local yard that’s open on Sundays is great for your schedule and the planet.

Scrap Yard Service Offered Price Range
Sgt. Scrap Drop-Offs, Pickups Competitive

What Scrap Metals Do Scrap Yards Accept on Sunday?

Some scrap yards, like Sgt. Scrap, are open on Sundays. They let customers sell various types of scrap metals. You’ll find that these places make recycling easy on Sundays.

The commonly accepted scrap metals include:

  • Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • E-scrap
  • Insulated wire
  • Lead
  • Radiators
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Turnings
  • Wheels

However, note that not all items are accepted at these yards on Sundays. For example, Sgt. Scrap won’t take concrete, wood, or plastics.

These yards offer a wide list of accepted items. This helps people easily sell their scrap metals at the nearest location.

Accepted Scrap Metals Not Accepted Materials
Alloys Concrete
Aluminum Wood
Brass Plastics
Insulated wire
Stainless steel

Additional Services Offered by Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Scrap yards open on Sunday let people recycle easily. They do more than just take in scrap metal. Sgt. Scrap, for example, offers many services to help you with all your recycling needs, even on Sundays.

Auto Salvage

Sgt. Scrap helps you get rid of old or damaged cars in a responsible way. They make sure cars are scrapped safely and in an eco-friendly way. This ensures that car parts and materials are recycled or reused, reducing waste.

Appliance Recycling

Scrap yards like Sgt. Scrap also take many types of appliances for recycling on Sundays. This helps you get rid of old or broken appliances without harming the environment. By recycling these items, they help cut down on electronic waste and save valuable metals for reuse.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

If you have a lot of scrap, Sgt. Scrap has roll-off dumpsters you can rent. These dumpsters are delivered to your place, making it easy to get rid of different types of scrap on Sundays. Whether you’re dealing with waste from construction, demolition, or just general scrap, these dumpsters make disposal smooth and efficient.

Offering services like auto salvage, appliance recycling, and roll-off dumpsters shows how Sunday scrap yards commit to full recycling solutions. They do more than just take scrap metal. They make it easy for you to responsibly get rid of bigger items and larger amounts of scrap.

nearest scrap yard open on Sunday

Additional Services Description
Auto Salvage A safe and efficient way to dispose of old or wrecked vehicles.
Appliance Recycling Eco-friendly disposal of old or broken appliances, ensuring proper recycling of valuable materials.
Roll-Off Dumpsters Convenient rental of roll-off dumpsters for efficient disposal of larger quantities of scrap materials.

The Benefits of Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Scrap yards open on Sunday make a big difference. If you’re cleaning out your garage, fixing your home, or recycling, Sunday scrap yards help a lot. They offer many benefits that make recycling easier and more enjoyable.

Increased Availability and Convenience

Scrap yards open on Sundays are great for being more available. They offer an extra day to sell scrap, fitting into busy schedules better. If you work full-time or have other weekly commitments, Sunday yards are a boon.

Also, Sundays are usually for rest. With yards open this day, recycling fits smoothly into your weekend. You won’t have to hurry on a weekday. Instead, collect your materials and visit the yard when it suits you best.

Customer Service and Assistance

Scrap yards open on Sunday are known for great customer service. They handle the high demand by offering excellent help. The staff is there to make things easy for you, answering your questions and valuing your scrap fairly.

The team can guide you effectively through recycling. Their knowledge helps both new and experienced recyclers. With their support, recycling becomes a simple and pleasant task.

Competitive Pricing

Sunday scrap yards aim to give good prices for scrap. They serve more customers thanks to being open an extra day. This means they work hard to offer fair values.

Demand on Sundays might lead to better prices for certain scraps. These yards aim to keep customers coming back by offering attractive rates. This helps you get a good return on your materials.

Ambiance and Community

Recycling on Sunday does good for you and the community. It’s part of a bigger effort to save resources and cut down waste. The positive feel and common goal bring recyclers together. This builds a supportive community that encourages more recycling.

Benefits of Scrap Yards Open on Sunday Descriptions
Increased Availability and Convenience Operating on Sundays provides an additional day for individuals to sell their scrap, offering flexibility and convenience for busy schedules.
Customer Service and Assistance Staff members prioritize providing exceptional customer service, guiding customers through the recycling process and answering any questions or concerns.
Competitive Pricing Scrap yards open on Sundays offer competitive pricing to attract customers and ensure fair compensation for materials.
Ambiance and Community Participating in recycling efforts creates a shared sense of environmental responsibility, fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Scrap yards open on Sunday come with many benefits. They’re a top choice for easy and affective recycling. Whether it’s the availability, service, good prices, or community, Sunday yards are a big advantage. They make recycling simple for everyone.

Contact Information for Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Looking for scrap yards open on Sunday? Having the right contact info is key. This lets you check prices, services, and more. Sgt. Scrap is one place that opens on Sundays.

Want to reach Sgt. Scrap? Here’s how:

Phone Number: 555-123-4567


Call them to learn about scrap material prices. Or, visit their site to see locations and more about their services.

Sgt. Scrap makes sure you can get in touch easily. They help those looking for “scrap yards open on Sunday near me.” This shows they’re focused on being reachable and helpful.

Why Choose Sgt. Scrap?

Sgt. Scrap opens on Sundays and offers great customer service. They provide convenient pickup and top prices. They make it easy for you to sell scrap and enjoy your weekend.

Benefits of Choosing Sgt. Scrap
Convenient Sunday availability
Reliable and efficient customer service
Competitive prices for scrap materials
Acceptance of a wide range of scrap metals
Additional services for scrapping larger items

Sgt. Scrap is all about great service and Sunday hours. No matter the size of your scrap, they’re ready to help. They aim to be your first choice for Sunday recycling needs.

Now, we’ll talk about why keeping an eye on Sunday scrap metal prices is smart. It can really boost your profits.

Scrap Metal Prices on Sundays

Sunday scrap yards near you are handy. They give important scrap metal price info. You can keep up with market trends with the iScrap App.

The iScrap App lets you see current scrap metal prices. It helps you decide when to sell your scrap. This way, you can make the most money.

Moreover, the iScrap App helps users share local scrap prices. Sharing prices helps others and makes the scrap metal community better.

Benefits of the iScrap App:

  • Access to real-time scrap metal prices
  • Market trend analysis for effective decision-making
  • User-generated reports of local scrap prices
  • Community engagement and information sharing

With the iScrap App, you can understand the scrap metal market well. You can find the best chances to sell your scrap.

Benefits Features
Real-time scrap metal prices Stay updated with current market rates
Market trend analysis Make informed decisions based on insights
User-generated reports Get valuable information about local scrap prices
Community engagement Contribute to the scrap metal community

Maximizing Your Earnings at Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Recycling scrap metal is a smart way to earn extra money. Scrap yards open on Sundays are perfect for selling your materials. This convenience helps you get the most from your recycling work.

Recycling electric motors is a great tip to increase your earnings. You can find them in many appliances and machines at home. By safely removing and recycling them, you make your scrap more valuable.

Sorting your materials is a key step to earn more. Different metals fetch different prices at scrap yards. By organizing your materials, you ensure you get top dollar for your scrap.

Knowing the current market prices is also crucial. It helps you pick the best time to sell your scrap. Using tools like the iScrap App keeps you updated on metal prices and trends.

With these tips and scrap yards open on Sundays, you can really boost your earnings. Use these strategies to make the most from recycling. Enjoy the ease and benefit of scrap yards open on Sundays.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling at Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Recycling at scrap yards open on Sundays helps both people and the planet. By recycling, we reduce waste and save natural resources. It’s a way for everyone to help the environment.

Having scrap yards open on Sundays encourages more recycling. People can bring in their recyclables instead of throwing them away. This helps lower the amount of trash in landfills. It’s an easy choice with a big impact.

Promoting Waste Reduction

Scrap yards open on Sundays mean less waste. People can clean out unwanted metals rather than hoarding them. This cuts down on landfill waste and helps manage resources better.

Conserving Natural Resources

Recycling helps save important natural resources. By reusing materials, we need less from the earth. This saves minerals, metals, and energy.

Recycling uses less energy than making new products. It’s a smart way to help the planet. Scrap yards open on Sundays play a big part in this eco-friendly effort.

Recycling at these yards makes you part of the green movement. It keeps metals out of dumps and supports recycling. Join in to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling at Scrap Yards Open on Sunday
Promotion of waste reduction
Conservation of natural resources
Energy conservation

The Future of Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Having scrap yards open on Sundays shows they care about serving customers better. It shows they want to make it easy for us. More people see why recycling matters and choose to recycle the right way. This means more folks will likely use scrap yards on Sundays soon.

Weekdays can be busy, so Sunday openings help a lot. They let people recycle when it’s easy for them. This choice helps our planet and lets people make money from their recyclables.

As we all learn more about protecting our environment, scrap yards on Sundays become more popular. People want to recycle more and live greener lives. These scrap yards make it easier to do just that.

As more people want to recycle, scrap yards on Sundays will meet this need. They are key for people who want to recycle well. This is good news for everyone’s future.

These scrap yards are ready to do well because they focus on customers and the planet. As we all work to be more eco-friendly, more folks will need these helpful scrap yards.

scrap yards open on Sunday near me

Benefits of Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Scrap yards open on Sundays have lots of pluses for those looking to recycle:

  • Convenience: Sunday hours let people recycle on their time, making life easier.
  • Increased accessibility: These hours help those who can’t visit during the week because of work or other things.
  • Expanded customer service: Being open on Sundays means they can help more people and offer better service.
  • Environmental impact: Sunday openings encourage more recycling, which helps reduce waste and save natural resources.

Tips for Selling Scrap to Scrap Yards Open on Sunday

Selling scrap on Sundays offers flexibility. It lets you recycle materials easily. Here are tips for a smooth transaction:

  1. Be Prepared and Knowledgeable: Sort your materials before heading to the scrap yard. This helps get precise pricing. Remove any non-metal bits, like plastic or rubber, to ensure acceptance.
  2. Contact the Scrap Yard: Before you go, call the scrap yard. Ask about their prices and any rules they have. Check if they have pickup services on Sundays. This helps avoid delays.
  3. Consider Market Prices: Know the current prices for scrap metals. Use apps or websites for real-time data. This helps make better selling decisions.
  4. Plan Your Visit: Sundays can be busy. Try to visit early to miss the crowds. This makes your visit quicker and easier.
  5. Bring Identification and Necessary Documentation: Always bring your ID, like a driver’s license. Some places may need more papers, especially for big items like cars. Have all paperwork ready.
  6. Secure Your Load: If you’re driving your scrap to the yard, secure it well. Use strong containers or straps. Safety is important during transport.

Follow these tips for a good experience at scrap yards open on Sundays. Being prepared and informed helps you earn more and recycle better.

Tips for Selling Scrap Metal on Sundays

Tip Description
Be Prepared Sort and separate materials by type, remove non-metal components
Contact the Scrap Yard Inquire about pricing, requirements, and pickup services
Consider Market Prices Stay updated with scrap metal market trends and fluctuations
Plan Your Visit Avoid crowds by arriving early on Sundays
Bring Identification & Documentation Ensure you have valid ID and any necessary paperwork
Secure Your Load Properly secure scrap materials during transportation


Scrap yards open on Sundays offer a convenient way to recycle. This makes it easy for people to find a place to take their materials. They don’t have to wait for weekdays anymore.

These scrapyards accept many types of metals. This includes alloys, aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. They even take big items like cars and appliances. This makes recycling larger items easy and friendly to the environment.

Opening on Sundays helps with recycling and sustainability. It allows people to help the environment by recycling their scrap. It also makes recycling a part of people’s lives. With Sunday openings, more people can recycle on weekends and help the planet.


Are there any scrap yards open on Sundays?

Yes, some scrap yards do open on Sundays. This lets people go and recycle their items then.

Can you recommend the best scrap yard open on Sundays?

A: Sgt. Scrap is great for Sundays. They offer top-notch service for dropping off scrap. Plus, they pay the best rates around.

What types of scrap metals do scrap yards accept on Sundays?

Places like Sgt. Scrap accept many metals on Sundays, from alloys to steel. But, they don’t take concrete, wood, or plastics.

Do scrap yards open on Sundays offer additional services?

Yes, they do. Sgt. Scrap, for example, helps scrap large items. They deal with car salvage and recycling of appliances. They even offer dumpsters for easy scrap disposal.

What are the benefits of recycling at scrap yards open on Sundays?

Recycling on Sundays reduces waste and saves resources. It’s good for the planet. Plus, it’s an easy way to responsibly get rid of materials.

How can I contact scrap yards open on Sundays?

Reach out to Sgt. Scrap, open on Sundays. Call them for current prices. Or check their website for locations.

Are there any apps that provide information on scrap metal prices on Sundays?

Indeed. iScrap App shows scrap metal prices and trends. It helps users know the market and share prices locally.

How can I maximize my earnings at scrap yards open on Sundays?

Separate your materials and remove non-metal parts first. Always check with the yard about prices and any special rules.

What are the environmental benefits of recycling at scrap yards open on Sundays?

Recycling on Sundays cuts down on waste and saves precious materials. It’s a big help to our environment.

What is the future of scrap yards open on Sundays?

Given the growing interest in recycling, Sunday yards are getting more popular. Their future looks bright as more people want to recycle responsibly.

What tips should I follow when selling scrap to scrap yards open on Sundays?

Know your materials and sort them. Remove any parts that aren’t metal. Call the yard first to discuss prices and any rules. This makes scrap selling smoother.