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Need quality used auto parts fast and worry about scrap yards being open? Pull-A-Part in Nashville is your solution. This junkyard offers wide-ranging, reliable auto parts and top-notch services.

Imagine finding the exact car part you need without sifting through a messy junkyard. Pull-A-Part’s huge online inventory lets you search easily by entering your car’s details.

If the part you’re looking for isn’t in stock, don’t worry. Sign up for notifications. Pull-A-Part will alert you once it arrives.

There’s more! Pull-A-Part also buys junk cars. Got an old car you don’t want? Contact them for a free quote. If you like their offer, they’ll tow away your car for free and pay you on the spot.

Pull-A-Part also has affordable used cars. They have a variety of vehicles for different needs. Looking for a DIY project or a reliable car? Check their inventory for great deals.

Best of all, Pull-A-Part is open on Sundays! No need to wait until Monday to visit. Their Sunday hours show how trusted they are by the locals.

Got lots of scrap to sell but can’t during regular hours? Pull-A-Part offers after-hour selling options. This makes selling your scrap easy and hassle-free.

So, where to find a scrap yard open today? Pull-A-Part in Nashville is your go-to. They stand out with excellent customer service, convenient options, and a huge inventory.

scrap yards open today near me

Key Takeaways:

  • Locate a scrap yard open today near you with Pull-A-Part in Nashville.
  • Easily find specific used auto parts through their comprehensive online inventory.
  • Sign up for notifications to be alerted when the part you need becomes available.
  • Sell your junk car hassle-free with Pull-A-Part’s free towing service.
  • Discover affordable used cars that suit your needs and budget.

Search Online Inventory for Car Parts

Need specific used auto parts? Pull-A-Part makes it easy to find what you need. Their online inventory is user-friendly, making your search simple.

Just enter your car’s year, make, and model to browse their wide selection. From engines to headlights, Pull-A-Part has it all. Their inventory is vast and includes many kinds of car parts.

No more digging through junkyards for the right part. Pull-A-Part’s online inventory lets you quickly find what you need. This saves you time and effort.

Can’t find your needed part in stock? Don’t worry. Sign up for notifications with Pull-A-Part. They will alert you when the part is available. This ensures you get what you need fast.

Stop wasting time in messy car part piles. Use Pull-A-Part’s online inventory for an efficient search. It’s designed to make finding used auto parts easy and fast.

Benefits of Using Pull-A-Part’s Online Inventory
Saves time compared to searching through traditional junkyards
Easily locate specific car parts by entering your car’s year, make, and model
Option to sign up for notifications when the part you need becomes available
Convenient and user-friendly online platform for searching and purchasing

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

Got a **junk car**, **salvage car**, or **damaged car**? Pull-A-Part is your go-to solution. We buy **junk cars** from people like you, apart from selling used auto parts. Our process is simple and gives you extra cash.

Reach out to us, and we’ll give you a free quote. It’s based on the car’s condition, make, model, and more. We take every type of car, even **salvage cars** or **damaged cars**. Every vehicle has value in our eyes, no matter its condition.

Agree to our offer? We’ll sort out a pickup time. Our team will come, tow your **junk car** for free, and handle all the logistics. You won’t worry about transport costs or arrangements.

After picking up your **junk car**, you’ll get a check from us immediately. Our goal is to make this process smooth for you. You get cash fast, and rest easy knowing we dispose of your **junk car** responsibly.

Choosing Pull-A-Part to sell your **junk car** is rewarding and green. It prevents your car from just sitting and polluting. Selling to us means its valuable parts get salvaged and recycled. This way, we reduce waste and save natural resources.

selling junk car

Reasons to Sell Your Junk Car to Pull-A-Part
Benefits Details
Free Quotes We provide complimentary quotes for your **junk car** so that you know upfront how much it’s worth.
Free Towing Once you accept our offer, we’ll tow your **junk car** away for free.
Instant Payment You’ll receive a check on the spot when we pick up your **junk car**.
Eco-Friendly By selling your **junk car** to us, you contribute to recycling efforts and help protect the environment.

Affordable Used Cars for Sale

Are you looking for a reliable, budget-friendly used car? Look no further than Pull-A-Part! They have a vast inventory of used cars, besides their auto parts and junk car services. They also offer great deals on used cars.

At Pull-A-Part, there is a car for everyone. Whether you need a cheap car for a project or a dependable one for daily use, you’ll find it here. Their selection meets various needs and preferences.

Pull-A-Part is known for competitive prices. They aim to offer cars that are affordable, especially for those on a budget. This means you get great value for your money.

Buying from Pull-A-Part means getting a car that’s ready to hit the road. Their team checks each car thoroughly. They make sure it meets high-quality standards before selling it.

Wide Selection of Affordable Used Cars

Below are some options from Pull-A-Part’s inventory:

Make Model Year Price Range
Honda Civic 2012 $4,500 – $6,000
Ford Focus 2014 $5,000 – $7,000
Toyota Corolla 2010 $4,000 – $5,500
Chevrolet Malibu 2015 $6,500 – $8,000

Experience Value and Quality

Choosing Pull-A-Part means getting an affordable, quality car. They care about customer satisfaction, not just in parts and services, but in their cars too.

Don’t wait any longer! Visit Pull-A-Part today and look through their used car selection. Find a car that suits your budget and needs. Buy with confidence, knowing you’ve made a wise choice in a reliable used car.

Scrap Yard Open on Sundays

Pull-A-Part in Nashville knows how important it is to make things easy for their customers. So, they chose to open their scrap yard on Sundays. This move lets people visit the scrapyard on weekends without trouble.

This choice shows Pull-A-Part’s dedication to meeting the needs of many customers. It also shows their effort to fit into everyone’s schedules.

scrap yard open on Sundays

If you have a project or need to get rid of scrap materials, Sunday access is a big help. Pull-A-Part opens on Sundays to make visits convenient for everyone. They focus on making their customers happy every day of the week.

Convenient Options for Selling Scrap

Selling scrap is easy with us. We know you might have lots of scrap to sell at different times. So, we offer easy ways for you to sell your scrap, making the process smooth.

Choose us for a trustworthy selling experience. Our goal is to make each transaction smooth. This includes times when you want to sell after the usual hours.

We can buy your scrap even outside our normal hours. This is because we want to give you the chance to sell when it fits your schedule.

No matter the size of your scrap, we’re here to help. With Pull-A-Part, selling your scrap is simple. This lets you get cash for what you don’t need anymore.

We offer after-hours selling as a handy option. Our aim is to make selling your scrap easy and quick. This way, you can get the most from your scrap without stress.

Choosing Pull-A-Part means you’ll enjoy:

  • Quick and fair checks of your scrap
  • Fast payment for what you sell
  • Easy planning for selling after hours
  • Supportive staff ready to help you always

We care about our customers at Pull-A-Part. We offer easy selling options because we know your needs. We’re here for you, ready to make your selling experience good no matter when.

Other Local Scrap Yards and Recycling Centers

Nashville is home to several scrap yards and recycling centers besides Pull-A-Part. These places offer services like recycling scrap metal and providing dumpsters for rent. They meet the needs of different customers.

Klein Recycling

Klein Recycling is a recognized scrap yard in Nashville. They offer extensive services for recycling metals. They work with modern facilities and follow green practices. Their goal is to recycle in a sustainable way and cut down on waste.

Mazza Recycling Services

Mazza Recycling Services is well-known in Nashville for recycling. They handle various services, including recycling metals and managing waste from construction and demolition. They also work on diverting waste from landfills.

Rockaway Recycling

Rockaway Recycling is a reliable place for recycling metal. They take different metals, like aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. This makes it easy for everyone to recycle their scrap in a responsible way.

M & A Recycling

M & A Recycling offers easy recycling options for both individuals and companies. They pay well for scrap metals. They also make sure recycling is done efficiently and in an eco-friendly manner.

Mazza Scrap Recycling

Mazza Scrap Recycling, a family business, has been helping Nashville for years. They focus on recycling scrap metal. They are dedicated to being sustainable and keeping their customers happy.

Christensen Recycling

Christensen Recycling is known in Nashville for its metal recycling services. They give good prices for various metals. They are committed to recycling in a responsible way.

People can pick the closest recycling center based on what they need, where they are, and what they want to recycle. Each place has its own services and may focus on certain recycling areas. It’s important to look up and compare these options to choose the best one for you.

Scrap Yard/Recycling Center Specialties
Klein Recycling Metal recycling services
Mazza Recycling Services Metal recycling, construction and demolition waste disposal, landfill diversion programs
Rockaway Recycling Metal recycling
M & A Recycling General recycling solutions
Mazza Scrap Recycling Scrap metal recycling
Christensen Recycling Metal recycling services

Extended Hours and Services

Scrap yards like Pull-A-Part are open longer to meet customer needs. They offer extended hours for more flexibility. This shows their commitment to helping customers outside normal hours.

Pull-A-Part has many services making your experience better. They have an easy-to-use online inventory and offer free towing for cars you sell to them. Their team is ready to help with any questions you have.

Pull-A-Part stands out by offering extended hours and a variety of services. They focus on making things easy for those who want to sell junk cars or buy used parts. Their goal is to make sure every customer is happy.

Visit Pull-A-Part’s website for more on their hours and services. You can also talk to their friendly team for help.

Highlighted Services at Pull-A-Part:

Services Description
Extended Hours Pull-A-Part offers extended hours of operation to accommodate customers’ schedules, including weekends and evenings.
Online Inventory Customers can easily search Pull-A-Part’s comprehensive online inventory to find the exact used auto parts they need.
Free Towing Service If you sell your junk car to Pull-A-Part, they provide free towing to remove the car from your property.
Knowledgeable Staff Pull-A-Part’s friendly and experienced staff is available to assist customers and answer any questions during their visit.


Finding scrap yards open today is much easier now. Online inventories and extended hours help a lot. Places like Pull-A-Part offer the services you need, whether for selling junk cars or getting used auto parts.

There are also local recycling centers around. They offer metal recycling and take various scrap materials. Using these resources, you help the environment and get value from your scrap metal.

Remember to check the operation hours and ease of access when looking for scrap yards. This way, you make sure to find one that’s open. Start searching today and see what you can do with your scrap metal!


Are there any scrap yards open today near me?

Yes, scrap yards like Pull-A-Part in Nashville are open today. They are also open on Sundays. This is great for those needing to visit on weekends.

How can I search for specific car parts in a scrap yard’s online inventory?

Enter the year, make, and model of your car online. This lets you see if they have the part you need.

Can I sell my junk car to a scrap yard?

Definitely! Places like Pull-A-Part in Nashville buy junk cars. They give free quotes and offer to tow your car at no cost if you agree.

Do scrap yards offer affordable used cars for sale?

Yes, Pull-A-Part in Nashville sells affordable used cars. They have a wide range suitable for many budgets.

Is Pull-A-Part in Nashville open on Sundays?

Indeed, Pull-A-Part in Nashville is open on Sundays. It’s handy for weekend visits to the scrapyard.

Are there convenient options for selling scrap?

Pull-A-Part and other yards make selling scrap easy. They buy scrap even outside regular hours, ensuring a smooth process.

Are there other local scrap yards and recycling centers in the Nashville area?

Yes, Nashville has many scrapyards and recycling centers. Some include Klein Recycling, Mazza Recycling Services, and Rockaway Recycling.

Do scrap yards have extended hours of operation?

Many scrapyards, like Pull-A-Part, offer extended hours. This adds flexibility for when you can visit or sell scrap.

Where can I find scrap yards open today near me and other recycling facilities?

Look online or use GPS apps to find scrap yards open today. Local directories and online platforms also list recycling centers and services nearby.