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Are you seeking a scrapyard close by? Do you aim to turn unused metal into money? We’re here to guide you. This article will show you how to find the best scrapyard. You’ll learn where to get the highest prices for scrap and efficient recycling services. If you’re looking to recycle metal or sell an old car, we can help.

scrapyard near me

Key Takeaways:

  • Find the best local scrapyard near you for top scrap yard prices.
  • Unlock the value in unused metal and transform your junk into cash.
  • Recycle scrap metal and sell a junk car conveniently.
  • Contribute to a more sustainable future by recycling your materials.
  • Ensure to bring the necessary documentation and check accepted materials.

The iScrap App: Your Scrap Metal Resource

The iScrap App is your go-to tool for the scrap metal world. It’s free and full of useful features to help you navigate the market with ease.

This app lets you see over 200 scrap prices. You can stay up to date with market rates. This way, you always know what your materials are worth.

It’s easy to follow market trends with the app’s design. You’ll know when to sell your scrap for the best profit. The iScrap App sends notifications about the right time to sell or wait.

Sharing local scrap prices is simple. This helps build a community-driven resource for scrap enthusiasts. You can also upload receipts to keep accurate records of your transactions.

Need to scrap a car? The iScrap App simplifies this process. Get a quote instantly and arrange towing services with ease.

Unlock the Power of the iScrap App:

  • Access over 200 scrap prices
  • Track market trends and receive notifications
  • Report local scrap prices and upload receipts
  • Get an instant quote for scrap cars and arrange for towing services.

Experience the value and ease the iScrap App adds to your scrap journey. Download the app today. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the scrap metal business.

Howell Recycling Center: The Best Scrap Yard in Howell, MI

The Howell Recycling Center, in Howell, MI, stands out as a leading scrap yard. They are dedicated to sustainable practices and top-notch service. This place offers wide-ranging recycling options for all sorts of scrap. By recycling your metal and e-scrap, you help the environment and make money from home.

They welcome a variety of scrap materials like copper, aluminum, steel, and even vehicles. The center uses certified scales for accurate weight checks. This ensures fair and transparent deals. Plus, they take household cardboard for free to promote recycling.

The team at Howell Recycling Center is friendly and committed to fair pricing. They provide support whether you’re experienced in recycling or just starting. Recycling here means you’re aiding the environment and pocketing some cash.

Accepted Scrap Materials Accepted Scrap Materials
Copper Aluminum
Steel Vehicles
Catalytic Converters Electronics

Holbrook Auto Parts: Your Source for New & Used Car Parts

If you need reliable and affordable car parts in Detroit, Holbrook Auto Parts is here. We have many convenient locations. This makes us the best choice for both new and used car parts.

At Holbrook Auto Parts, finding quality and variety is easy. We offer many parts for your auto needs. Whether fixing your car or starting a DIY project, we’ve got what you need.

Our inventory ranges from steel to aluminum. This means we have the right parts for any car, domestic or foreign. With our wide range, getting your car running again is easier than ever.

Beyond car parts, we also offer metal recycling at Holbrook Auto Parts. If you have unwanted metal, like old car parts or scrap, we’ll buy it from you. We support sustainability by recycling these materials.

Accepted Metal Materials:

Metal Type Description
Steel Heavy, strong, and versatile metal used in various automotive applications
Cast Iron Durable and heat-resistant metal often found in engine components and brake systems
Copper Highly conductive metal used in electrical wiring and components
Aluminum Lightweight metal with excellent corrosion resistance commonly used in engine parts and body panels

We also take electronics like laptops and smartphones for recycling. Holbrook Auto Parts makes disposing of electronics easy and eco-friendly.

Got old vehicle batteries? Bring them to us for recycling. We focus on safe and environmentally responsible recycling methods.

Visiting us is convenient. Our hours are flexible to match your schedule. If your car needs quick attention, we’re here to help any time.

For new or used car parts, or to recycle metal or electronics, trust us. Check our website or call us for more info or to find the nearest location.

Holbrook Auto Parts

Image: Holbrook Auto Parts provides a wide selection of new and used car parts in the Detroit area.

Scrapyard Near Me: Scrap Materials Accepted

When you’re looking for a scrapyard nearby, it’s crucial to know what they take. Most yards will accept materials like steel, iron, copper, wire, and various types of aluminum. Recycling these helps the planet and can put some extra money in your pocket.

But, be sure to check with your chosen scrapyard for their specific list. Every place differs in what they’ll take. Some might even recycle electronics, like phones and computers, helping prevent damage to our environment.

Here are some materials usually welcomed at scrapyards:

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Wire
  • Aluminum
  • Auto cast
  • Cast iron
  • Cast aluminum

Unsure if a scrapyard will take a particular item? The best approach is to call them or look online. They’ll give you the latest information on what they accept.

Recycling at a scrapyard isn’t just about decluttering. It’s a step towards resource conservation and supporting the circular economy. Scrapyards and recycling centers are crucial in responsibly managing waste and saving our planet’s resources. So, always recycle with care!

The Importance of Recycling Electronics

Electronics pack valuable metals like gold and silver. Recycle them at a scrapyard to salvage these metals. This also ensures harmful substances like lead are properly disposed of, protecting our environment.

Material Examples
Steel Rebar, beams, appliances
Iron Cast iron pipes, engine blocks
Copper Wire, tubing, pipes
Wire Electrical wiring, cables
Aluminum Window frames, beverage cans
Auto cast Engine blocks, transmission cases
Cast iron Cookware, engine parts
Cast aluminum Aluminum wheels, housings

How to Recycle Appliances at a Scrapyard

If you have old appliances you want to get rid of, your local scrapyard can help. They make it easy to dispose of things the right way and you might even earn some money. Whether it’s big appliances like washers and stoves or smaller ones like toasters, scrapyards usually take them all.

But, with large items like refrigerators and AC units, make sure to remove the refrigerant first. Most scrapyards will do this for you without charging. This step keeps harmful materials from harming our environment. Doing this, you’re not just throwing things away. You’re saving resources and keeping the earth clean.

For a better understanding of the various appliance recycling opportunities available at scrapyards, refer to the table below:

Accepted Large Appliances Accepted Small Appliances
Washers Toasters
Dryers Blenders
Stoves Coffee makers

Recycling at scrapyards is good for both your wallet and the planet. By recycling, you turn old appliances into useful resources. Plus, you’re helping to create a cleaner future. So, let’s recycle more and do our part for the earth!

Scrapping Old Vehicles at a Local Scrapyard

If you have an old vehicle or one that’s been in an accident, you can scrap it locally. Scrapping is not just an easy way to remove an unused car. It also lets you make money from its salvage value. You’ll need a valid title to scrap your vehicle. This ensures everything is legal and keeps both you and the scrapyard safe.

Many scrapyards will tow your vehicle from where it is. This makes the process even smoother. You won’t have to worry about getting your old vehicle to them. They handle the towing for you. This saves you both time and effort.

Scrapping your old vehicle is good for you and the planet. When vehicles are scrapped, their parts get recycled. This cuts down on the need for new materials and reduces waste. By scrapping your vehicle, you’re helping the earth.

So, if your old vehicle is just sitting around, think about scrapping it. It’s a way to earn some money, clear space, and help the environment.

Accepted Documentation for Scrapyard Transactions

When you go to a scrapyard to recycle or sell a vehicle, you need the right papers. Most scrapyards ask for certain documents for a smooth and legal process. These papers help keep both the scrapyard and the customer safe and ensure everything is clear.

Government-Issued ID

You must bring a valid picture ID from the government for any scrapyard deal. This ID checks who you are and if you can sell or recycle the items. You can use a driver’s license, passport, or a state ID.

Vehicle Title

Planning to sell a vehicle? Then, bringing the title is a must. This title proves you own the car and can legally transfer it. Make sure to have the original title or a signed copy if you are the new owner. This way, the scrapyard can legally handle the vehicle.

Following the scrapyard’s rules makes the deal go smoothly. Always have your government ID and, for vehicles, the title. This keeps both you and the scrapyard safe, making for a successful transaction.

Scrapyard Near Me: No Appointment Needed

Visiting a scrapyard is easy since you often don’t need an appointment. The process is simple and open to everyone. As soon as you get to the scrapyard, drive onto the scale to begin. The staff will lead you through each step and offer help when you need it. This method makes it easy to recycle materials or sell items without making an appointment.

How It Works

Once you arrive, drive your vehicle onto the scale. This scale accurately weighs your materials to ensure a fair deal. Staff members are always ready to help and guide you through the process. This applies whether you are recycling scrap metal, or selling things like cars or appliances. They make everything clear and easy for you.

The Easy Process

The procedure at the scrapyard is made to be effortless. You don’t have to schedule a visit or wait to be attended to. Drive onto the scale, and let the staff handle the rest. They will assist in unloading your materials and ensure you get the right payment for your items. The team is committed to providing an easy experience for both new and returning customers.

Drive onto the Scale

The first thing to do at the scrapyard is drive onto the scale. This scale can take vehicles of all sizes, from small cars to large trucks. By driving on, you let the staff accurately measure your materials’ weight. Knowing the exact weight is key to figuring out your scrap’s value.

Advantages of No Appointment Needed Benefits of Easy Process Advantages of Driving onto the Scale
  • No need to wait for an appointment
  • Flexibility to visit the scrapyard at your convenience
  • Save time by avoiding scheduling conflicts
  • Efficient and streamlined process
  • No complicated procedures or paperwork
  • Receive prompt service and assistance from the staff
  • Accurate weight measurements for fair compensation
  • Eliminates the need for manual weighing
  • Provides transparency in the transaction process

Scrapyards work hard to ensure a smooth experience by not requiring an appointment, making the process easy, and letting you drive onto the scale. Whether you are recycling or selling, the staff will help you through every step for a smooth transaction.

Recycling Electronics at a Scrapyard

Scrapyards are now a go-to for electronics recycling. They are convenient. Plus, they pay you for your old electronics. This creates a plus for both your wallet and the environment.

The types of electronics scrapyards accept include:

  • PC towers
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Cables and wires
  • Hard drives
  • Printers
  • Keyboards
  • Tablets
  • Speakers
  • Power tools
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Gaming systems

Recycling at scrapyards lets you earn and be responsible. It keeps electronics out of landfills and reduces harm to the environment. It’s a smart way to manage your old devices.

electronics recycling

Have old electronics? Don’t let them collect dust. Take them to your local scrapyard and help make a difference for our planet.

Contact Information and Hours of Operation

If you’re planning to visit a nearby scrapyard, it’s vital to know how to get in touch and when they’re open. This info helps you plan your visit better. Ensure the scrapyard will be open when you plan to go.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 123 Scrapyard Street, City, State, ZIP
  • Phone: 555-123-4567

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Having the scrapyard’s contact info and hours is key. It ensures a smooth visit, whether you’re selling a junk car or recycling scrap metal.

Always call ahead or visit the scrapyard’s website. This way, you can catch any updates or changes in their schedule.


Finding a scrapyard nearby can be a great way to recycle scrap metal and old appliances. Selling old vehicles and recycling electronics are also options. This can help you earn money and support a greener future.

When you visit a scrapyard, make sure to bring the needed documents. Check what materials they take. This way, you can make the most out of their services. Start exploring a scrapyard today and contribute to a better world!


What is the iScrap App?

The iScrap App is a free tool. It gives you access to scrap prices and market trends. You also get alerts about the best times to sell or keep your scrap. Plus, it offers instant quotes for cars and can arrange towing.

Where is the Howell Recycling Center located?

The Howell Recycling Center is in Howell, MI.

What materials does the Howell Recycling Center accept?

They take many materials. This includes copper, aluminum, steel, vehicles, and catalytic converters. Electronics and household cardboard are also accepted, but cardboard has no value.

Where can I find new and used car parts in the Detroit area?

Holbrook Auto Parts offers new and used car parts in Detroit.

What materials does Holbrook Auto Parts accept for recycling?

Holbrook Auto Parts recycles several materials. They accept steel, cast iron, copper, and aluminum. Electronics like laptops and smartphones are taken too. Even lead-acid batteries from vehicles are recycled.

What materials do most local scrap yards accept?

Local scrap yards commonly accept materials like steel, iron, and copper. This includes wire, auto cast, and different types of aluminum. Always check with the yard to see what they take.

Can I recycle old appliances at scrapyards?

Yes, you can get money for recycling big appliances at scrapyards. This covers washers, dryers, and more. They might even take smaller appliances like toasters.

Can I scrap my old vehicle at a local scrapyard?

Yes, local scrapyards let you scrap old vehicles. You need a valid title. Some may also help by towing your vehicle.

What documentation do I need when visiting a scrapyard?

You need a current photo ID for transactions at scrap yards. If bringing a vehicle, don’t forget the title.

Do I need to make an appointment when visiting a scrapyard?

Not usually. You can just drive onto the scale. The process is simple and quick.

Can I recycle electronics at scrapyards?

Yes, scrapyards often pay for old electronics. This includes PCs, laptops, phones, and even gaming systems.

How can I find the contact information and hours of operation for a scrapyard near me?

Check their website or call them for contact details and hours. It will help you plan your visit better.