Local Scrap Yards Near You – Find Now!


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Looking for a place to recycle your metal waste? Want to know the best way to convert your junk into cash? Atlas Iron & Metal Co. is here to help! We are among the most trusted scrap yards in Los Angeles, CA.

If you need to recycle, Atlas Iron & Metal Co. has what you need. We serve both contractors and individuals with top services. Our team is skilled in safely processing and removing heavy machinery. No job is too big for us, from pulling apart large equipment to tearing down buildings.

Wondering how to find a local scrap yard without stress? We’re here to make it easy. Discover the value in your unused scrap with our help.

Simply search ‘recycling yards near me’ or ‘scrap yard Los Angeles’. Our spot is just 30 minutes south of LA. Whether you’re coming by car or truck, getting to us is easy. We’re near freeways 10, 110, and 105.

scrap yards near my location

Key Takeaways:

  • Atlas Iron & Metal Co. is one of the oldest and most reliable scrap yards in Los Angeles, CA.
  • We offer comprehensive scrap yard recycling services for both contractors and individuals.
  • Our experienced team provides efficient and safe wrecking yard services, including dismantling large machinery and demolition services.
  • Visiting our scrap yard is easy and convenient, with our location just 30 minutes south of LA and easily accessible from freeways 10, 110, and 105.
  • Contact us today to learn more about our wrecking yard services and turn your scrap into cash!

Scrap Yards and Recycling Centers in Your Area

There are many choices to recycle your metal waste close to you. You can find scrap metal recycling centers, nearby salvage yards, local junkyards, and metal recycling places. These options help you get rid of metal items the right way. Some well-known places around you are:

  • Klein Recycling
  • Mazza Recycling Services
  • Rockaway Recycling
  • M & A Recycling
  • Mazza Scrap Recycling
  • Christensen Recycling

Local scrap yards and recycling centers can take many kinds of metal. They also give good prices for your scrap. You can recycle old appliances, car parts, and more at these places. They also offer help with big projects, like demolition and dumpster rental.

Scrap Yard or Recycling Center Services Offered
Klein Recycling Accepts various metals and offers competitive pricing
Mazza Recycling Services Provides recycling services for a wide range of metal items
Rockaway Recycling Offers demolition services and dumpster rental options in addition to metal recycling
M & A Recycling Accepts different types of metals for recycling and provides competitive prices
Mazza Scrap Recycling Offers scrap metal recycling services for various metal materials
Christensen Recycling Accepts metal waste for recycling and provides competitive prices

By going to these local scrap yards and recycling centers, you help the planet. Plus, you make money from your scrap. Visit these spots in your area today!

Selling Your Scrap Car for Cash

If you want to get rid of a scrap car, there are ways to do it. The iScrap App can give you cash for it. You can get an instant quote online or by phone. This platform makes it easy to find the value of your car and locate buyers nearby.

One big plus of the iScrap App is its towing service. Selling a scrap car is tough, especially if it doesn’t run. They offer towing so you don’t have to move the car yourself. This makes selling your scrap car easier.

The iScrap App lets you sell your car fast and get paid without trouble. They work with trusted buyers who are ready to pay fairly. With their help, you can turn your old car into cash easily. You won’t need to search for buyers or negotiate prices.

The iScrap App aims to make selling your scrap car smooth. Their website is easy to use. You can get quotes and find buyers easily. They help sell cars that are damaged, old, or have mechanical problems. Selling your car is quick and convenient with their help.

Scrap Car Buyers Near Me

Don’t let a scrap car waste your space. Use the iScrap App to turn it into cash. They simplify the selling process. Get a quote, arrange a pickup, and sell your car without headaches. It’s a great chance to clear out your old car and earn money.

Finding Local Scrap Yard Prices

Looking for the best scrap yard prices? Check out the iScrap App. It lets you find and compare metal prices easily.

The app is free to download. This gives you access to prices and market trends everywhere. It’s perfect for both dedicated scrappers and those looking to earn extra money.

The iScrap App has a cool feature. It lets users report scrap metal prices. This keeps you updated and helps others around you. It’s great for building a supportive community.

The app also has many useful articles and resources. Learn about electric motor recycling and how to maximize earnings. It’s everything you need for scrap metal recycling in one place.

So, if you’re into scrapping, the iScrap App is essential. Download it now and find the real value in your scrap metal.

Tips for Maximizing Your Scrap Metal Earnings

If you’re keen on boosting your scrap metal profit, there are strategies to follow. These tips can help you earn more from your recycling efforts.

1. Separate Different Types of Metals

First, sort your scrap by metal type. This means grouping aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel separately. Scrap yards pay more for sorted metals, so this step can really increase what you earn.

2. Clean the Metal

Clean your scrap before selling it. Removing plastic, rubber, or wood makes your metal more valuable. Clean scrap is preferred by yards as it’s easier to recycle. So, cleaning your scrap pays off.

3. Stay Informed About Market Trends and Prices

Knowing the market is key to earning more. Prices for scrap metal change often. By watching the market, you can sell when prices are best. Use tools like the iScrap App to keep informed and make smart selling choices.

These strategies can help you get the most money for your scrap. Remember to sort your metals, clean them, and stay updated on prices. Doing these things can make a big difference in your recycling efforts.

Tips for Maximizing Scrap Metal Earnings Description
Separate Different Types of Metals Sort your scrap into distinct categories to get the best prices for each type of metal.
Clean the Metal Remove non-metal materials to increase the price per pound for your scrap.
Stay Informed About Market Trends and Prices Stay updated on market fluctuations to sell your scrap at the most opportune time.

By following these tips, you’re on the path to boosting your scrap metal profit.

Reporting Scrap Prices and Making an Impact

Do you want to impact the scrap metal market? Using the iScrap App lets you report local scrap prices. This helps both buyers and sellers. By sharing your prices, you keep local scrappers updated about trends in your area.

Why does reporting scrap prices matter? Adding your prices to the iScrap App enhances a big database. It helps everyone grasp the market better. Scrappers can ensure they get fair deals by comparing prices. Everyone in the scrap metal community benefits from this transparency and competition.

Moreover, tracking your earnings helps make better decisions. The iScrap App shows prices, letting you compare with market trends. Spotting patterns and opportunities becomes easier. This knowledge aids in planning your next moves in the scrap world.

Example Reporting Scrap Prices Chart:

Date Scrap Metal Type Reported Price Market Average
July 1, 2022 Copper $3.25 per pound $3.15 per pound
July 1, 2022 Aluminum $0.85 per pound $0.80 per pound
July 1, 2022 Steel $0.15 per pound $0.13 per pound

By reporting to the iScrap App, you provide valuable data and gain market insights. Your input ensures fair pricing and supports a thriving scrapper community. If you want to make a difference and highlight the importance of fair prices, report your local prices today.

Recycling Electric Motors Safely

Recycling electric motors is key for the environment and our economy. The iScrap App has a detailed guide for safe disposal. This guide shows you how to recycle them properly.

The first step is to carefully take apart the motors. You must remove any dangerous materials and liquids. By following the guide, you can separate parts like copper wire, steel, and aluminum.

After separating the parts, it’s important to recycle them right. The iScrap App tells you where to find recycling centers for motor parts. This helps cut down on waste and save resources.

Recycling motors keeps them out of landfills and recovers useful materials. This way, we help the planet and have a better future for all.

recycling electric motors

Using the iScrap App’s guide, you help make the world cleaner by recycling electric motors. Following these steps shows your commitment to a healthier planet.


Finding local scrap yards near you is now simple. Tools like the iScrap App make it easy. They help you find places where you can sell your metal trash.

Holding onto old appliances, car parts, or other metal goods? Your local scrap yards can help. They offer recycling services that benefit the environment. Reach out to them to explore their services and what they pay.

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Finding scrap yards near you is simple and good for the planet. You can recycle metal waste like old appliances and car parts. Local scrap yards turn your junk into cash. With tools like the iScrap App, it’s easy to find scrap yards and check their prices.

Recycling starts with you! By choosing local scrap yards, you help the planet and your community. Don’t waste your metal. Contact a scrap yard nearby. Be part of a greener, profit-making recycling method.

Scrap yards are easy to reach with just a few clicks or a call. Take your metal waste to a local yard. Make a positive environmental impact and earn extra money!


Are there any scrap yards near my location?

Yes, several scrap yards and recycling centers are nearby. You can recycle your metal waste there.

Where can I find the nearest scrap metal recycling centers?

You can check out places like Klein Recycling and Mazza Recycling Services. Rockaway Recycling, M & A Recycling, Mazza Scrap Recycling, and Christensen Recycling are also good options.

Are there any salvage yards nearby?

In your area, many salvage yards accept various metals. They offer good prices for your scrap.

Are there any auto wreckers close by?

Yes, local auto wreckers offer metal recycling services. They can help with your metal and demolition needs.

Where can I find scrap car buyers near me?

To sell a scrap car, try the iScrap App. You’ll get an instant quote and arrange towing.

How can I find local scrap yard prices?

Use the iScrap App to find local scrap yard prices. It’s free to download and gives you instant access to scrap prices and trends.

How can I maximize my scrap metal earnings?

Separate and clean metals to increase earnings. Stay up-to-date with market trends and prices for the best deals.

How can I report my local scrap prices?

You can report local scrap prices on the iScrap App. This helps other scrappers stay informed about current prices.

How can I recycle electric motors safely?

The iScrap App offers a guide on safe electric motor recycling. It has info on dismantling, separating components, and recycling.

Where can I find local scrap yards near my location?

The iScrap App can help you find nearby scrap yards. Contact them to learn about their services and pricing.