Metal Scrap Yard Near Me Open Now – Quick Find


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Are you searching for a metal scrap yard open now? We’re here to help! We’ve listed the best local places for recycling metal waste. This includes all from steel, tin, appliances to old junk cars. Find the closest scrap yard to sell metal and clean your space up.

metal scrap yard near me open now

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the top local scrap yards near you that accept various types of metal waste.
  • Find out what items are acceptable for recycling at these metal scrap yards.
  • Learn how to ensure your safety and the safety of others at the scrap yard.
  • Explore the benefits of recycling with local scrap yards for a greener future.
  • Get valuable tips for selling your metal scrap to recycling centers.

SA Recycling Anaheim – Orange County’s One-Stop Shop

Look no further than SA Recycling Anaheim for a trusted local scrap metal recycling center. They stand out as one of the finest in Orange County. They always pay top dollar for your scrap metal.

SA Recycling Anaheim takes various scrap metals like steel, tin, appliances, and junk cars. It doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot. They’re equipped to handle it. For businesses, they offer roll-off services to easily manage metal waste.

SA Recycling is just off the 91 freeway, making it super easy for locals and businesses to reach. They’re open from Monday to Saturday. So, you can drop off your scrap metal whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Choosing SA Recycling Anaheim means you help the planet and support a business that cares about being green.

Why Choose SA Recycling Anaheim?

  • Top prices for your scrap metal
  • Acceptance of a wide range of materials
  • Convenient roll-off services for businesses
  • Location off the 91 freeway in Anaheim
  • Open Monday to Saturday

SA Recycling Anaheim is a clear leader for your scrap metal recycling needs with their strong commitment to great service and fair pricing.

Acceptable Metal Recycling Items at SA Recycling Anaheim

SA Recycling Anaheim takes in a wide variety of metal items for recycling. They offer a handy way to dispose of end-of-life vehicles, aluminum wheels, and other metals. This helps cut down on waste and supports sustainability. They accept a range of metal items as listed below:

Ferrous Metal

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Cast iron

Non-Ferrous Metal

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead
  • Zinc

SA Recycling Anaheim also accepts more items besides common metals:

  • End of life vehicles
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Auto batteries
  • Radiators
  • Large domestic appliances
  • Small electricals
  • Aluminum cans
  • Insulated copper wire

However, SA Recycling Anaheim does not take CRV items or cardboard. When recycling, it’s crucial to separate metals from non-metals properly. This separation is important for getting the right price and for smooth processing.

metal recycling

Prohibited Items
Radioactive materials
Closed containers
Propane tanks
Ammunition shells

For safety and compliance, SA Recycling Anaheim bans certain risky or illegal items. These prohibited materials are not accepted at their facilities to protect employees, suppliers, and customers.

Safety Measures at SA Recycling Anaheim

At SA Recycling Anaheim, safety comes first. We care deeply about everyone’s well-being. Our site is always clean and organized. This shows we’re serious about keeping everyone safe.

We always keep our facility spotless. This not only makes it safer but also improves your visit. A tidy place shows we are dedicated to excellent service. Choosing us means trusting in a clean, easy-to-use, and satisfying experience.

We ask for a valid photo ID, like a driver’s license, from our suppliers. This rule helps keep our work honest and secure. It ensures we deal with trustworthy suppliers.

We’re committed to safety and a smooth experience for all. Keeping our site clean and requiring IDs are key to our secure environment. These steps help keep everyone at SA Recycling Anaheim safe and happy.

Safety Measures Benefits
Regular facility inspections Ensures a safe working environment
Clearly marked walkways and signage Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries
Proper waste disposal procedures Protects the environment and prevents contamination
Employee training programs Promotes a culture of safety and accountability
Security measures to prevent theft Ensures the integrity of our operations and protects our customers

Roll-Off Container Services at SA Recycling Anaheim

SA Recycling Anaheim knows what businesses and job sites need when it comes to waste. They make it easy with their roll-off container services. Whether you need regular pickups or just one time, they’ve got your back.

They tailor their roll-off service to what you need, making waste disposal simple. You can rely on SA Recycling Anaheim for fast and reliable service. They’ll manage your waste right.

The team at SA Recycling Anaheim is all about hassle-free service. They’re ready to take care of all your waste needs. With easy drop off and pick up, they fit into your busy schedule.

Benefits of Roll-Off Container Services:

  • Convenient and flexible waste management solution
  • Efficient and time-saving
  • Customizable to meet your specific requirements
  • Professional handling of waste
  • Ensures compliance with regulations

With SA Recycling Anaheim, focus on what you do best and leave the waste to them. Their easy drop off and pick up services make waste management a breeze. You’ll keep your work area clean and organized, no sweat.

roll-off container services

Benefits of SA Recycling Anaheim’s Roll-Off Container Services Convenient drop off and pick up services
Convenient and flexible waste management solution Ensures easy and efficient waste collection process
Customizable to meet your specific requirements Provides tailored solutions for your waste disposal needs
Professional handling of waste Expert service team for safe and responsible waste management
Ensures compliance with regulations Meets all legal requirements for waste disposal

Other Local Scrap Metal Recycling Centers in Irvine

SA Recycling Anaheim is not alone. Irvine has other good scrap metal recycling centers. They take many materials and give great service. Klein Recycling, Mazza Recycling Services, and Rockaway Recycling are top choices.

Klein Recycling

Klein Recycling is a top spot for scrap metal recycling in Irvine. They take various metals and other items for recycling. They focus on green recycling and help both individuals and companies. They also offer dumpster rentals, making waste disposal easy for customers.

Mazza Recycling Services

Mazza Recycling Services is known for its scrap metal recycling in Irvine. They deal with different metal scraps responsibly. They follow the best practices and meet all environmental rules. This makes them a trustworthy place for recycling. They also offer junk removal for large waste amounts.

Rockaway Recycling

Rockaway Recycling serves the Irvine area with reliable recycling services. They welcome many metal items, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They aim for customer happiness by offering good prices for scrap metal. They’re known for their excellent service and smooth operations.

When picking a scrap metal recycling center in Irvine, look at these respected places. Choosing Klein Recycling, Mazza Recycling Services, or Rockaway Recycling, means your scrap metal is in good hands. This helps keep our environment clean.

Company Accepted Materials Additional Services
Klein Recycling Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recyclable materials Dumpster rentals
Mazza Recycling Services Metal scrap, other recyclable materials Junk removal services
Rockaway Recycling Ferrous and non-ferrous metals N/A

Benefits of Recycling with Local Scrap Yards

Recycling at local scrap yards offers plenty of advantages. It not only reduces waste but also supports a sustainable future. It helps protect our environment too. Let’s look at how recycling benefits our earth and us.

Sustainable Metal Production

Recycling makes a big difference in metal production. It means less digging for raw materials. Using existing metals lessens the harm to our planet from mining. It saves energy and cuts down greenhouse gases, fighting climate change.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Recycling metal saves our natural resources. It reduces the need to extract new resources. This action preserves nature, stops deforestation, and protects animals. Plus, it lowers the use of water and fuel needed for new metals.

Reduction of Landfill Waste

Recycling metal reduces landfill waste. This action frees up space and lowers pollution. Metals in landfills can release toxic chemicals. Recycling stops this, making our environment safer and healthier.

Energy Efficiency

Recycling uses much less energy than making new metals. It avoids energy-heavy steps like mining. This means fewer greenhouse gases, helping fight climate change. Recycling your metal waste pushes us toward a greener world.

Recycling at local yards helps the planet and society. It supports economic growth by creating jobs. By recycling, you help build a better future for the next generation.

Now, we have seen how recycling with scrap yards is beneficial. Next, in Section 8, we will share tips on selling scrap metal to recycling centers.

Tips for Selling Metal Scrap to Recycling Centers

When selling metal scrap to recycling centers, these tips can help make the process smooth and successful.

Separate Your Metals

It’s important to separate your metals by type. This means knowing the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This step lets recycling centers give you the best price for your scrap.

Remove Non-Metal Components

Before you sell your metal scrap, take off any plastic or rubber parts. This ensures that only valuable metal is weighed. By doing this, you avoid issues and get a better price.

Clean Your Metal Scrap

Cleaning your metal scrap can increase the price you get from recycling centers. Removing dirt and contaminants shows that you’re offering high-quality materials.

Compare Prices

Always compare prices from different recycling centers before making a deal. This helps you find the best value for your scrap. By checking prices, you can earn more and make a smart choice.


Recycling metal scrap at local yards is both responsible and sustainable. It’s an easy yet impactful way we can help our planet. With many scrap yards available, recycling metal is simple and makes a real difference.

Always be safe when handling metal waste and sort your metals for the best price. This way, your recycling is more efficient and effective. Different metals have different values, so sorting them is key to determining their worth.

Recycling metal cuts down on the need for new metal production and less mining. This saves natural resources and reduces energy use, cutting down on harmful emissions. It supports a circular economy, promoting material reuse and reducing landfill waste.

Let’s start recycling our metal waste now and help create a better future. We can make a big impact together, one piece of scrap metal at a time.


What kinds of items can I recycle at SA Recycling Anaheim?

You can recycle a variety of metal items at SA Recycling Anaheim. This includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Items accepted include end of life vehicles, aluminum wheels, auto batteries, and many more. But, CRV items or cardboard are not accepted.Products like oil, fuel, and radioactive materials, among others, are not accepted. It’s vital to avoid bringing such prohibited materials.

What are the safety measures at SA Recycling Anaheim?

Safety is a top priority at SA Recycling Anaheim. They keep their facilities clean and organized for everyone’s safety. To sell scrap metal, suppliers must show a valid ID, like a driver’s license.

Does SA Recycling Anaheim offer roll-off container services?

Yes, they provide roll-off container services. These services are perfect for both recurring and one-time pickups. Their team can help with your waste disposal needs, making the process easy for businesses.

Are there other local scrap metal recycling centers in Irvine?

Indeed, Irvine has other scrap metal recycling centers. Klein Recycling and Mazza Recycling Services are among them. They offer professional service, accept many materials, and even have dumpster rentals.

What are the benefits of recycling with local scrap yards?

Recycling at local scrap yards has many advantages. It lessens the environmental impact of making new metal. This recycling conserves resources, cuts energy use, and reduces emissions.It also means less waste in landfills and the environment. This way, you’re helping our planet by recycling.

What are some tips for selling metal scrap to recycling centers?

For a smooth sale, separate your metals and remove non-metal parts. Clean your metal to avoid contamination and get the best price. Always compare prices to ensure you get the best deal for your scrap.