Weekend Recycling: Scrap Yards Open on Saturday


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Got scrap metal in your garage waiting to be recycled? Wondering if there’s a scrap yard open on Saturdays near you? You’re in luck! We’ve got all the info to make your weekend a productive recycling time.

scrap yards near me open on saturday

Many scrap yards are now open longer to meet the need for weekend recycling. This lets you clean up and earn extra cash on your day off. But, it’s good to know the details first.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scrap yards near you may be open on Saturdays, but their hours may vary.
  • It’s recommended to call ahead to check the specific hours of operation.
  • Some yards are closed on Sundays, so Saturdays are the best option for weekend recycling.
  • Weekend recycling allows you to effectively clear out scrap metal while contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Take this opportunity to turn your scrap metal into cash with the convenience of Saturday availability.

Finding Local Scrap Yards near Me

Are you trying to find scrap yards near you that are open on Saturdays? You can easily find the right junkyard or salvage yard in your area with online help. These tools are there to help whether you want to sell scrap metal or find used auto parts.

Online Search Engines and Directories

Using online search engines or directories is an easy way to find local scrap yards. Just type in your location and look for “scrap yards near me open on Saturday.” You’ll get a list of places near you and when they’re open.

Specialized Websites and Apps

If you want a more specific search, check out websites or apps meant for finding junkyards. They give you a big list of local options. Plus, you can sort through the results to find exactly what you need. This way, you can easily spot the best salvage yards open on Saturdays.

Benefits of Using Online Resources

There are lots of plus sides to using online tools to find local scrap yards. For starters, it saves you both time and effort. Instead of hunting for yards in person, you can look through your options online. Also, you often get to see what other people think of a yard before you go.

Thanks to online search engines, directories, apps, and websites, finding scrap yards open on Saturdays is super easy. Use these resources to make your search smoother and find the top salvage yards around you.

Website/App Features Operating Hours
ScrapYardFinder.com – Comprehensive list of local scrap yards
– User reviews and ratings
– Filter options based on specific needs
Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm
(may vary)
JunkyardFinder.com – Easy-to-use search tool
– Detailed yard profiles
– Google Maps integration
Sat: 9am-1pm
(may vary)
Scrap Yard Locator App – GPS-based search
– Yard contact information
– Operating hours at a glance
Sat: 7am-12pm
(may vary)

Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal helps both the environment and people. It saves natural resources and cuts down the energy needed for new products. It’s an easy way to protect our planet.

Recycling metals reduces waste in landfills and cuts pollution. By recycling, we prevent metals from sitting in landfills for hundreds of years. Recycling gives these materials a second chance.

Many recycling centers are open long hours, including on Saturdays. This makes it easy to recycle, no matter how busy you are during the week. You can always find a time to do your part.

metal recycling center hours

Convenience of Weekend Scrap Metal Buyers

Weekend scrap metal buyers are a boon for those who can’t get there during the week. They let you sell metals easily without taking a day off. So, whether it’s old gadgets, pipes, or any metal junk, they’re ready to buy it.

Choosing the right weekend buyer needs some thought. First, look for one nearby to save on travel. Then, compare prices to ensure you get a good deal. Remember, different metals might fetch different prices. Lastly, make sure they take the metals you’re selling.

The Benefits of Choosing a Weekend Scrap Metal Buyer

1. Flexibility: Weekend buyers mean you can visit on your day off. This way, you don’t have to hurry or adjust your weekday schedule.

2. Quick Turnaround: They assess and pay for your metal fast. This means you get your money without delay.

3. Environmental Impact: Selling to weekend buyers supports recycling. This helps save natural resources and reduces mining.

Locating Weekend Scrap Metal Buyers

Find them online or through local directories. Just search “weekend scrap metal buyers” with your area. You can also call local centers or scrapyards to see if they’re open weekends.

After finding some options, compare their location, pricing, and what metals they accept. Feel free to contact them with any questions. A little research helps you find the best buyer, ensuring a hassle-free recycling experience.

Auto Salvage Yards

Getting rid of an old or damaged car? Auto salvage yards are your best bet. They specialize in buying and recycling scrap cars. You can dispose of your vehicle conveniently and might even make some money.

Auto salvage yards know you’re busy and have specific operating hours. They include Saturdays. This makes it easy for those selling scrap cars to find a good time. These yards help car owners navigate paperwork and drop off their cars without missing work.

Some yards also provide scrap car removal services. They’ll come to you instead of you going to them. These services usually require a fee but offer a stress-free way to get rid of your car.

For services like scrap car removal, it’s best to call the yard ahead of time. They’ll give you details on their hours and services. This ensures a smooth process when selling your scrap car.

“Greenway Auto Salvage” in Seattle, WA, is a trusted auto salvage yard offering such services. They take many types of vehicles and are open on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm. They provide quick, reliable towing services for a hassle-free experience.

Auto Salvage Yard Location Operating Hours (Saturdays) Services
Greenway Auto Salvage Seattle, WA 8 am – 1 pm Scrap Car Removal
Jacksonville Auto Salvage Jacksonville, FL 9 am – 3 pm Scrap Car Recycling
Chicago Scrap Yard Chicago, IL 10 am – 2 pm Scrap Car Disposal

Pricing and Parts Availability

Our scrap yard offers the right pricing for used auto parts. We get that everyone has different needs. So, we give personalized service to help you get precise pricing info.

Want to know the price of specific parts? Just give our parts team a call at 800-646-4790. Our friendly experts will tell you what you need to know.

If you’d rather email, that’s fine too. Email us at parts@scrapyard.com with your questions. We’ll quickly send back the pricing info for the used auto parts you’re looking for.

We aim to make finding parts pricing easy, whether you call or email. Rest assured, we’ll give you accurate, competitive pricing for your auto parts needs.

Take a Look at Our Competitive Pricing

Here’s what some popular used auto parts cost:

Part Pricing
Engine $800 – $1500
Transmission $500 – $1000
Alternator $50 – $100
Starter $50 – $100
Radiator $70 – $200

Remember, these prices can change due to market conditions and part quality.

Looking for an engine, transmission, or something else? We offer good prices and service. Get in touch or visit us for the pricing details on your next auto parts buy.

Tailored Recycling Solutions

Metal recycling centers offer ways to meet specific recycling needs. They have roll-off service, container service, and walk-in service. These are for both individuals and businesses.

Roll-Off Service

Roll-off service provides a large container for scrap metal. It’s great for big projects that make a lot of scrap, like construction or demolition. You can have the container right at your site, making it easy to handle metal waste.

Container Service

Container service gives you a bin for your scrap metal. It’s perfect for businesses creating metal waste regularly. The bin is emptied and replaced as needed, making recycling smooth.

Walk-In Service

Walk-in service lets people take their scrap metal to the center themselves. It’s good for small recycling jobs or if you want to deliver it personally. The staff will help sort your scrap metal for recycling.

Before you visit a metal recycling center, check their hours. Make sure they’re open when you plan to go, including Saturdays. Using these services, you help the planet and manage your metal waste well.

Radio Dispatched Lift-Gate Trucks for Scrap Metal Removal

Getting rid of a lot of scrap metal? Some scrap yards have a cool option – lift-gate trucks with radio dispatch. These trucks have special gates that make it simple to load heavy metal stuff. It’s a big help for businesses and individuals with a lot of scrap metal.

Thanks to radio dispatch, these trucks are quickly sent to pick up scrap metal from different places. It doesn’t matter if it’s a construction site or a warehouse. These lift-gate trucks can smoothly take care of the pickup and driving.

Using these trucks takes the stress out of scrap metal removal. Their drivers know how to deal with scrap metal well, making transport secure. This service lets you focus on more crucial things.

These trucks aren’t just for weekdays. Many scrap yards work on Saturdays too. So, you can have your scrap metal picked up on the weekend. You don’t need to wait for a weekday to do this.

With this service, you won’t have to transport big scrap metal loads yourself. The radio dispatched trucks will do it. This saves you time, energy, and other resources.

Benefits of Radio Dispatched Lift-Gate Trucks for Scrap Metal Removal:

  • Efficient pick-up and transportation of large quantities of scrap metal
  • Specialized lift-gates for easy loading of heavy metal materials
  • Convenient scheduling options, including Saturdays
  • Saves time, effort, and resources
  • Secure and reliable transportation handled by experienced drivers

Need to remove a lot of scrap metal? Consider a scrap yard with radio dispatched lift-gate trucks. This option makes removal easier and ensures safe transportation of your scrap metal.

scrap metal removal

Personal Handling of Payment and Pick-Up Service

Recycling valuable metals means trusting the scrap yard with your payment. Many places offer personal payment handling. This makes sure you get your money fast and right. You’ll feel at ease knowing your deal is in good hands.

Some scrap yards also offer pick-up service to make things easier. They will come to you to get the scrap metal. This service saves you from having to move the items yourself. It makes recycling much easier to do.

Homeowners benefit from residential pick-up services. Especially if they can’t easily transport big items. Meanwhile, businesses that have a lot of scrap metal love the commercial pick-up services. It helps them manage their waste better.

If you want a pick-up service, you should call the scrap yard first. This way, you can make sure they’re available when you need them. Planning ahead makes recycling simple and fits into your schedule.

By handling payments well and offering pick-up, scrap yards focus on their customers. They work hard to make recycling easy and pleasant. These efforts show they care about their customers and the planet.


If you’re searching for scrap yards near me open on Saturday, you’re lucky. Many scrap yards open on weekends to help you recycle. But remember, their hours can differ. So, it’s wise to check their operating hours first. These scrap yards let you help the environment and earn some cash.

Do you have scrap cars or a lot of metal to sell? Maybe you’re looking for used auto parts. You’ll find places open on Saturdays for all these needs. Recycling scrap metal saves natural resources and cuts down pollution. It also makes our planet cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Visiting scrap yards open on Saturdays is a great opportunity. You can be part of the scrap metal recycling effort. This not only helps turn unwanted metal into something useful but also boosts our local economy. Let’s join hands to create a sustainable future for all.


Are there any scrap yards open on Saturdays?

Yes, many scrap yards open on Saturdays. However, their hours might differ. It’s best to call ahead and confirm their operating hours.

How can I find local scrap yards near me that are open on Saturdays?

To find scrap yards open on Saturdays, try online search engines. Just enter your location and add “scrap yards near me open on Saturday.” Websites or apps for finding junkyards might also help.

What are the benefits of scrap metal recycling?

Recycling scrap metal saves natural resources and cuts down energy use. It also lessens waste in landfills and helps reduce pollution. Many recycling centers open on Saturdays for those who wish to recycle over the weekend.

Why should I consider using weekend scrap metal buyers?

Weekend buyers are great if you’re busy during the week. They make it easy to sell your metal for cash without altering your schedule.

What are auto salvage yards?

These yards focus on buying and recycling scrap cars. They often open on Saturdays to help people sell their cars for scrap. Some also offer to pick up your scrap car.

How can I inquire about pricing for used auto parts?

Call the scrap yard at 800-646-4790 to ask about part prices. You might also email them for price queries.

What are the tailored recycling solutions provided by metal recycling centers?

Centers offer special services like roll-off, container, and walk-in services. These are for those with specific recycling needs and are available, including Saturdays.

What is the benefit of radio dispatched lift-gate trucks for scrap metal removal?

Lift-gate trucks make moving heavy metals easier. This service, available even on Saturdays, adds convenience.

How can I ensure personal handling of payment for my scrap metal?

For prompt and exact payments, some yards handle payments personally. They might also pick up scrap from your place, whether you’re a home or business.

Are there any scrap yards open on Saturdays that I can visit?

Definitely, many scrap yards welcome visitors on Saturdays for recycling. Remember to check their hours since they can vary.