Who Owns O’Reilly Auto Parts


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When it comes to the ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts, the answer may surprise you. It is not a single individual or a privately held company, but rather a publicly traded corporation on the NASDAQ stock exchange. This means that the ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts is spread among numerous shareholders who hold shares of the company’s stock. So who exactly owns O’Reilly Auto Parts? It’s the thousands of individuals and institutional investors who have invested in the company’s stock, making it a widely owned and publicly held enterprise.

O’Reilly Auto Parts has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1957 by the O’Reilly family. The company started as a single store in Springfield, Missouri, and has since grown into one of the largest automotive aftermarket retailers in the United States. With over 5,500 stores across 47 states, O’Reilly Auto Parts has established a strong presence in the industry. The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to customer service, extensive product inventory, and competitive prices. As of 2021, O’Reilly Auto Parts generates annual revenues exceeding $13 billion, making it a key player in the automotive aftermarket sector.

Who Owns O’Reilly Auto Parts

The Journey of O’Reilly Auto Parts Ownership

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a renowned retail company specializing in automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, and accessories. As one of the largest specialty retailers in the United States, many wonder who owns O’Reilly Auto Parts and the history behind its ownership.

Family Ownership for Over Six Decades

The ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts has remained within the O’Reilly family for over six decades. The company was founded in 1957 by Charles F. O’Reilly and his son Charles H. O’Reilly. Starting with just a single store in Springfield, Missouri, the O’Reilly family built the company from the ground up.

Charles F. O’Reilly served as the CEO until his death in 1993, after which his son David E. O’Reilly took over as the CEO. David E. O’Reilly led the company through a period of expansion and growth, solidifying O’Reilly Auto Parts as an industry leader.

Today, the company remains in the hands of the O’Reilly family, with David E. O’Reilly still serving as the Executive Chairman of the Board. The commitment to family ownership has been a key driver of the company’s success, as it allows for long-term strategic planning and decision-making.

The Influence of Outside Stakeholders

While O’Reilly Auto Parts is primarily owned and controlled by the O’Reilly family, there are outside stakeholders who hold shares in the company. These stakeholders have a financial interest in the success of the company and play a role in shaping its direction through their ownership.

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ORLY. This means that individuals and institutional investors can buy and sell shares of the company on the open market.

While the O’Reilly family maintains a majority ownership, the presence of outside stakeholders provides additional accountability and perspectives in the company’s decision-making processes.

Expansion and Acquisition Strategy

O’Reilly Auto Parts has experienced significant growth throughout its history, fueled by a strategic expansion and acquisition strategy. As the company expanded its store footprint and product offerings, it sought to acquire smaller competitors to strengthen its market position.

Over the years, O’Reilly Auto Parts has completed numerous high-profile acquisitions, including the acquisition of Hi-Lo Auto Supply in 1998 and CSK Auto in 2008. These acquisitions allowed O’Reilly Auto Parts to expand its geographical presence and customer base.

While the details of these acquisitions and expansion plans are not publicly disclosed, they are important contributors to O’Reilly Auto Parts’ growth and success as a company.

Supporting Communities and Customers

One of the core values of O’Reilly Auto Parts is a commitment to supporting the communities it serves and providing exceptional customer service. As a family-owned business, O’Reilly Auto Parts prides itself on maintaining strong relationships with its customers and being a trusted partner for automotive needs.

O’Reilly Auto Parts actively participates in local community events, sponsorships, and charitable initiatives. The company believes in giving back to the communities that support its stores.

In addition to supporting communities, O’Reilly Auto Parts places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. The company invests in training its employees to ensure they have the knowledge to assist customers effectively and provide the highest level of service.

Investing in Employee Development

O’Reilly Auto Parts recognizes the importance of its employees and the role they play in the company’s success. The company invests in employee development programs to foster a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Through training programs and career advancement opportunities, O’Reilly Auto Parts empowers its employees to grow their careers within the company. This commitment to employee development contributes to a strong company culture and ensures a high level of expertise in serving customers.

The ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts by the O’Reilly family, combined with the company’s commitment to customer service and community support, has positioned it as a leading player in the automotive aftermarket industry.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: A Legacy in the Making

As O’Reilly Auto Parts continues to thrive in the automotive aftermarket industry, its ownership by the O’Reilly family remains a symbol of the company’s legacy and commitment to excellence. With a focus on serving customers, supporting communities, and investing in employee development, O’Reilly Auto Parts is poised to continue its success well into the future.

Who is the Owner of O’Reilly Auto Parts?

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a well-known American automotive parts retailer. It was founded in 1957 by the O’Reilly family. Today, it is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol ORLY. The ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts is distributed among its shareholders.

The largest shareholders of O’Reilly Auto Parts are institutional investors like mutual funds and pension funds. As of the latest available information, some of the major institutional shareholders of the company include The Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and State Street Corporation. These institutions collectively own a significant portion of the company’s outstanding shares.

The O’Reilly family, who founded the company, also holds a substantial ownership stake in O’Reilly Auto Parts. However, the exact percentage of their ownership is not publicly disclosed.

In conclusion, O’Reilly Auto Parts is owned by a combination of institutional investors and the O’Reilly family. The company’s ownership structure reflects a mix of professional investment entities and the original founders’ continued involvement and interest in the business.

Key Takeaways: Who Owns O’Reilly Auto Parts

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts is a publicly traded company owned by shareholders.
  • O’Reilly’s largest shareholders include institutional investors like The Vanguard Group and BlackRock.
  • The founding O’Reilly family still has ownership in the company, but it has decreased over time.
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts has a board of directors who oversee the operations and provide strategic guidance.
  • The company’s ownership structure ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a popular chain of auto parts stores in the United States. If you are curious about the ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts, this FAQ will provide you with the answers you seek.

1. What is the ownership structure of O’Reilly Auto Parts?

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a publicly traded company. This means that its ownership is distributed among shareholders who own shares of the company’s stock.

The company’s stock is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol “ORLY.” This allows individuals and institutional investors to buy and sell shares of O’Reilly Auto Parts.

2. Who are the major shareholders of O’Reilly Auto Parts?

The ownership of O’Reilly Auto Parts is widely distributed among its shareholders. The company does not publicly disclose the identities of its shareholders. However, institutional investors such as mutual funds, pension funds, and other investment firms are often among the largest shareholders.

These institutional investors may hold significant stakes in the company and have a say in its governance, strategy, and decision-making processes.

3. Does the O’Reilly family still own O’Reilly Auto Parts?

No, the O’Reilly family does not own O’Reilly Auto Parts. The company was founded by the O’Reilly family in 1957, but it has since evolved into a publicly traded company with a diverse ownership structure.

While members of the O’Reilly family may still hold shares of the company’s stock, they are not the majority owners and do not have controlling ownership.

4. Can I buy shares of O’Reilly Auto Parts?

Yes, as a publicly traded company, shares of O’Reilly Auto Parts can be bought and sold on the stock market. If you are interested in owning a stake in the company, you can contact a stockbroker or use an online brokerage platform to purchase shares.

It’s important to do your research and consider factors such as the company’s financial performance, industry trends, and market conditions before making any investment decisions.

5. How can I stay updated on O’Reilly Auto Parts’ ownership?

If you want to stay updated on the ownership and other news related to O’Reilly Auto Parts, you can visit the investor relations section of the company’s official website.

This section usually contains information on the company’s financial performance, corporate governance, shareholder meetings, and other relevant updates.

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In conclusion, O’Reilly Auto Parts is a publicly traded company and is therefore owned by its shareholders. The largest individual shareholders are the founding family members, including David and Rosalie O’Reilly, but they do not own a majority stake in the company.

O’Reilly Auto Parts operates under a corporate governance structure, with a Board of Directors overseeing the company’s operations. The shareholders elect the board members, who are responsible for making strategic decisions on behalf of the company and its owners.