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Air Conditioning Condensers are an essential part of a car air conditioning system. The A/C system is a closed loop filled with refrigerant under pressure. Where the A/C compressors perform their task, due to the evaporator (a small heat exchanger installed inside the vehicle ventilation system) the cabin air flows through the evaporator fins. In front of the vehicle, the condenser which is a larger heat exchanger installed. Through the condenser fins by an electric fan and by natural flow during driving, ambient air is pushed. The system is based perform two simple tasks: the cabin heat is absorbed, as the refrigerant vaporizes inside the evaporator. Then the heat is released outside as the refrigerant turns from a vapor into a liquid state inside the condenser. Through this continuous process, the cabin is kept cool even on a hot sunny day.


However, there are many industries which manufacture good quality A/C condensers such as Spectra Premium Industry, Denso, Global Air, etc.

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