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A sun visor is located inside the vehicle, on top of the windshield. These sun visors are present above the driver seat, and above the passenger seat. The sunvisors are small in size, and attached to the roof using an adjustable hinged flap. These sun visors can be moved up and down, and be removed from one side to move them diagonally. This gives the driver or the passenger to save themselves from direct sun contact. These sun visors usually have two  tasks, one is to shield the driver or the passenger from sunlight, and the secondly, the offer a mirror feature. This is not seen in all sun visors, but many sun visors come with a mirror detail. This mirror is at times hidden under a flip cover, and sometimes can be seen out in the open. Accessing this mirror is simple, the individual simply has to move the sun visor down. These sun visors was added to ensure that direct sunlight does not hinder the visual of the driver, so they are designed perfectly to cover the face of the driver while allowing maximum visibility.

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