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A window switch is featured in electric vehicles that feature a window motor, and the system is completely automatic. These window switches are an integral part of the system, and are used operate the windows of the vehicle. This window switch is a small yet powerful control, that pushed down on the lower the window, and pulled up on to raise the window. The entire process of opening and closing a window is made easy, by simply adding this button. This is an effective and efficient product, that does not take any effort or time. As when compared to a mechanical latch, where both energy and time are consumed just to roll the windows up or down. The window switch is connected to the motor, and uses electrical contacts to raise or lower the window. This motor along with the rest of the system of the window switch is hidden under the vehicle’s door panel. The window switch is a reliable product, that ensure that the window glass will be safely and securely rolled up or down, no matter how many times. These window switch are small in size, and are located on the armrest of the vehicle’s door.

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