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A vacuum pump, is a bonus that has been added to a vehicle’s engine. This vacuum pump offers enough high performance, that it has the ability to create a good amount of blow. The vacuum pump in vehicles is used to add more horsepower, and to help increase a vehicle engines life, furthermore, it can keep the oil used in the engine cleaner for a longer period of time. The vacuum pump comes with an inlet, that is hooked to one or both of the valve covers; and at times even the valley pan. The job of a vacuum pump is to suck all the air out of the engine, so the air pressure can be reduced. This air pressure is created by the blow from combustion gases, that are using the piston ring to reach the pan. The vacuum pump see in vehicles can vary in a way, that they will not be able to suck the same amount or air. The vacuum pump, when sent to a breather tank; along with a filter, will help in retaining moisture, airborne oil, fuel, and other fluids. The exhaust air is released in the atmosphere, using an air filter.

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