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A transmission computer is a control module, that is placed to make adjustments; which are entirely based on the material collected from the various signals that are received. There are many sensors that this transmission computer communicates with, and some of them are, the position sensors of the brake pedal, the temperature sensors on the transmission fluid, the position sensor of the throttle, and the speed sensors of the turbine. All the information, that is gathered from these various parts is highly important; as it helps the transmission computer make final decisions, so the vehicle can offer a more smoother gear shift. Taking in all the information, and then sending out the perfect signals; also helps gain a more efficient fuel system, help decrease the engine’s emission, and offer a better handling over the vehicle. For example, the temperature sensor set at the transmission fluid sends out a signal, which indicates that is fluid is at the perfect temperature. Based on this data, the transmission computer will automatically shift; if it feels it is necessary. The position sensor on the brake pedal sends data to the transmission computer, informing it when the drive hits brake. So the position sensor on the throttle can help manipulate the shifting timings. The transmission computer is an integral part of the vehicle, and is required to ensure perfect workings.

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