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used third brake light

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The brake light in any vehicle is highly important, as it notifies the vehicle behind, if the vehicle in front of them is slowing down is stopping. The normal tail light are installed to show a bright red light when the driver hits the brake pedal; but there are times when the driver in the vehicle behind is unable to view these lights; which is why a third brake light is installed. This third brake light is located right on top of the rear windshield. The third brake comes in a strip shape, and is installed inside the vehicle. This third brake light is connected with the main brakes, so when the driver hits the pedal, this light features a red colour too. This ensures that the driver in the vehicle behind has a direct view to the third brake light. These third brake lights are a great addition to any vehicle, and while some vehicles come with a third brake light already installed in them; other vehicles do not feature a third brake light; but it can be installed.

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