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Car controls are the components in automobiles and other powered road vehicles such as trucks and buses that are used for driving, parking and promoting safety and comfort.


While the use of controls like the steering wheel and pedals have been around as long as the invention of the car, other controls have developed and adapted to the demands of drivers. Manual transmissions became less common with the advancement of technology on the semi-automatic and automatic transmissions.


Foot pedals are levers that are activated by the driver’s feet to control the vehicle. Pedals usually hang from the bulkhead on smaller vehicles, while typically standing on the floor in heavy-duty vehicles. Regardless of where the pedals are mounted, the arrangement is the same for both right- and left-hand traffic. The following pedals are positioned in left-to-right order:


parking brake pedal (replaces the hand lever in some automatic transmission vehicles)

clutch pedal (utilized only if the vehicle is not equipped with automatic transmission)

brake pedal (operates the service brake)
throttle (controls fuel and air supply to the engine and is also known as the “accelerator” or “gas pedal”)


The accelerator has a fail-safe design. It has a spring, which returns to the idle position when not depressed by the driver.


Normally the throttle and brake are operated by the right foot, while the clutch is operated by the left foot. However, there are drivers that practice left-foot braking.

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