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The valve cover helps the engine against oil spill, which can lead to the poorly functional vehicle.  The valve cover is made using metal, and is located on top of the vehicle’s engine. This valve cover uses rubber or cork, to attach to the engine. The valve cover, does not only help prevent oil leaks, it helps in sealing the top of the vehicle’s engine. The valve covers are removeable, and can easily be taken off and put back together. The valve cover often breaks and brittles; this is common as the engine of the vehicle tends to heat up so much, that it results in damaging the valve cover. When this happens, the gasket starts to leak oil, and can lead to engine damage. The internal pieces of the engine are lubricated using engine oil, and this oil needs to stay inside the engine to keep lubricating it. The engine heavily relies on this oil to keep it lubricated, and ensure that the engines working do not rust or slow down. To ensure that the oil does not leak, the vehicle’s engine is sealed from a few different places. One of the most major seal is the valve cover. The leaking of oil can be extremely dangerous, as it might fall into the exhaust and start a fire.

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