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Safety & Misc Parts

We have researched and found that among all the categories associated with an car or truck, Safety is very important. We drive these heavy machines down a freeway, at high speeds, and certain protocols need to be in place to help save your life, in the event of an accident. When a junked car is wrecked, sometimes, the air bags will blow, however, the seat belts, buckles, and other parts still remain in very great shape.

We have inventoried all the parts that are associated with safety and restraints, and placed them into our used parts database, to help you find an inexpensive way to repair your vehicle in the even you need some of these parts.

You can also complete our used auto parts request form above, and our used auto parts specialist will contact you immediately with a quote, and help you be on your way to better safety in your car or truck today.

Please keep in mind, that anytime you purchase an air bag, seat belt or any used auto part from, we have the parts carefully inspected, tested, and assured quality before we ship them out to you.