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Bumper Assembly (Rear)

includes cover
Rear Bumpers are the bar at the back of a vehicle which protects it if it bumps into something.

You have a couple of bumpers on your car, truck, or SUV, but you probably don’t give them much thought. Most people don’t consider bumpers a big deal until they’re involved in a collision, and at that point you might realize that your bumpers have saved you from serious damage to your vehicle and to yourself. Bumpers are designed to absorb some of the impact during a crash. They also provide protection for the more delicate components of your car, truck, or SUV, like your radiator. When you accidentally back into a guardrail or a telephone pole, your rear bumper is going to keep your tail lights from being smashed. Some front and bumpers go the extra mile in collision protection by using crumple zones and chambers filled with hydraulic fluid. Of course, your bumpers are also designed to look great and give your vehicle an overall smooth and aerodynamic appearance. During the course of normal driving, dents, scratches and dings are going to inevitably appear on your bumpers. Rust and corrosion can also cause problems, making these important safety features weaker than they should be. If you should happen to be involved in a collision, you don’t want to rely on a rusty bumper to absorb the impact.

The bumper cover is likely what you would view as the bumper. It’s the fiberglass piece that gets scratched up or cracked in an accident. There is structural support underneath the cover that is designed to absorb impact, this is the actual bumper. As long as there is no damage to the structure beneath all you need is the cover.

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