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Understanding industry lingo will help you determine which truck or truck accessory is best for you. When it comes to truck beds there are two basic designs: short bed and long bed as well as two different styles standard bed and step side bed. Each truck comes in a combination of one of the designs and one of the styles.

Short Bed: The short bed is by far the most popular type of pickup truck bed and is sometimes referred to as a short box. Compact truck short beds are generally 6 ft. long and full-size beds are generally 6.5 ft. long. These beds offer significant load-hauling capabilities but are not so long that they would be difficult to drive or park.

Long Bed: The long bed is usually a foot or two longer than the short bed and is more popular on trucks such as commercial work trucks or farm trucks. The long bed style is sometimes referred to as a long box. Compact long beds are generally 7 ft. long and full-size long beds are generally 8 ft. long. Full-size long beds offer the advantage of carrying a standard-size 4 ft×8 ft. sheet of plywood with the tailgate closed adding versatility for people using the truck for construction on contract work.

Standard Bed: Available in many sizes, the standard bed features fender wells on the inside of the truck bed. This allows more cargo volume inside the truck bed as the bed extends over the wheel wells instead of stopping at them. So, instead of protruding fender wells, the outside of the truck bed walls are smooth and line up with the edge of the wheel wells. Since the bed walls are smooth, standard beds tend to be a bit more aerodynamic. You can always fill out the PARTS FINDER form or search for a junk yard near you to see if you can obtain this used auto part used.

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