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used back door trim panel

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Back door trim panel is the door Trim panel is the casing or molding around a rear door frame that covers the joint between the frame and the wall.

The purpose of door trim molding is to finish the look of a door. It can also help update an older door. Functionally, door trim molding conceals the gaps between the jamb and the rough opening. The tools required to create door trim molding include a miter saw, air hose and compressor, brad nail gun, coping saw and combination square. A utility knife is also useful for marking the wood or cutting off excess materials. The materials needed to create the molding include trim, molding, shims and glue. For safety, it is important to have a dust mask, and hearing protection when cutting the molding with the miter saw.

However, when the car window will not roll up or down, and sometimes the car door handle will not open the door. Then you know it is time to take change the door trim panel.

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