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used fuel gauge

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Fuel Gauge also known as a gas gauge, is an instrument found in a vehicle, that is used to indicate the gas level in that is currently present in the gas tank. This tank is located to the left size on the rear size of the vehicle in most cases, and can even be located in a different spot, depending on the model of the vehicle. The fuel gauge is found in almost every motor vehicle, that need to fuel to run the engine. This vehicle gas gauge consists of two main parts, the sensing unit, and the indicator. The sensing unit is seen using a float that is connected to the potentiometer, which features an ink design; and is seen in modern vehicles. When the tank empties, the float will move downwards. There are a few vehicles that feature the a low fuel light that switches on when the fuel is about to end. On the other hand, the indicator is seen on the dashboard, and measure the gas in your tank. This is usually a small needle that points towards the F (full) or E (empty) and anywhere in the middle to show how much gas is present in the tank.

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