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A tire in vehicles is the debatably one of the most important components of the vehicle; as the vehicle will be unable to move without them. There are four tires in majority vehicles, and they are all there to help the vehicle move. In most cases the front tires are connected to each other, and the rear tires are connected to each other; unless the vehicle offers a four wheel drive. These tires are designed to offer better traction between the road and the vehicle, while ensuring that the tires are proving a flexibility; that can help absorb small shocks. There are many kinds of tires available and each of them offers a set of features. The pneumatic tires are made using natural rubber, synthetic rubber, wire and fabric, along with some chemical compounds and carbon black. These tires offer a smooth, and safe drive. The tires of the vehicle should be decided according to their resistance on snow and wet roads; depending on the area’s weather conditions. These tires come in different sizes, and some are with a tube; while others are tubeless.

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