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The Master Cylinder, in vehicles is the controlled device that is able to convert non hydraulic pressure to hydraulic pressure. This system is carried from the driver’s foot, in most vehicles. The master cylinder is in complete control of the slave cylinders; what are situated on the other end from the hydraulic system itself. The master cylinder consists of pistons, and when these pistons move with the bore of these master cylinder, the movement is processed by the hydraulic fluid. This results in the movement of the slave cylinders. As these moving pistons create a hydraulic fluid, which is done inside the bore of the master cylinder; and moves towards the slave cylinders; the slave cylinders then evenly compress the fluid. But the displacement and the force applied on each slave cylinder is different, to the amount of displacement that is applied to the master cylinder itself. These master cylinders in a vehicle are used to ensure that the brake and clutch system are working perfectly in the vehicle.

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