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used torque converter

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The torque cover is a kind of fluid coupling, that is used to transfer the rotating power from the prime mover, which is the internal combustion engine. The torque converter, is there instead of the mechanical clutch, which is used in automatic transmission vehicles. This system ensures that the load is separated from the power source. The torque converter is located between the transmission and the vehicle’s engine flexplate. The main characteristics of the torque converter, is their ability to multiply the torque, when it detects a substantial variation between the output and the input of the rotational speed. This provides the equivalent of the reduction gear. This feature is far beyond the ordinary fluid coupling, which is unable to match its speeds, and can only provide with the same torque; which results in less power. There are a few devices that are equipped with a locking mechanism, that is temporary. This is used to bind the engine of the vehicle to the transmission, when both their speeds are equal. This results in loss of efficiency, and helps in avoiding slippage.

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