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used acura parts

Used Acura Parts

Acura produces the following models:
CL – CSX – EL – ILX – Integra – Legend – MDX – NSX – RDX – RL – RLX – RSX – SLX – TL – TLX – TSX – Vigor – ZDX


Acura is a “luxury” line of Honda Motor Company. It was the first luxury car brand in the Japanese automotive industry. They had started with two models at first, the Legend and the Integra. With the success of the “Legend” in the late 1980’s, this inspired other Japanese automakers to follow suit. In 1990 the launch of the NSX was a mid engine sports car that offered a reliable but very practical alternative to common “European” luxury cars.


Unike a “European” luxury car, if you find yourself needing a engine or transmission for any of these vehicles, you will discover how affordable and the relief of labor costs to repair a vehicle manufactured by Acura.


While you keep the reliable reputation of Honda with an Acura, you still get class and luxury at an affordable price.

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